Responsible Use of Electronic Resources

As part of the purchase of the electronic resources provided by the Seattle Pacific University Library, we are required to sign license agreements that stipulate how and by whom the resources can be used. If just one member of the community violates the agreement, the entire community is at risk for losing access.

While the licenses can vary from one resource to another, below are general guidelines to help you avoid improper use.

      Usually OK       Usually not OK
  • Limited print or electronic copies (copying a few articles for yourself)
  • Systematic printing or downloading (attempting to copy much or all of a given database or resource)
  • Item for personal use
  • Selling or re-distributing content; providing it to an employer
  • Sharing with SPU faculty, staff, and students
  • Sharing with users not affiliated with SPU
  • Posting links to specific content
  • Copying the actual content and posting to other sites, including Blackboard
  • Modifying, altering, or creating derivative works

Contact your Liaison Librarian if you are concerned about a specific use of an item.