Persistent Links: Using Durable Linking

For some library resources, particularly EBSCHOhost databases, the URL that shows in the address bar of your browser is session specific and could stop working at some point in the future.  When you save links, you will want to look for a way to save a stable link to the resource.  In EBSCO this is called a permalink, it may also be called a stable link, a durable link or a persistent link. 

Additionally, to get a link that will work from off-campus, the URL must include the information for our proxy server — this is what prompts the system to request the SPU username and password to authenticate users from off campus.

If you obtain a persisten link while searching an SPU database, this proxy information should already be part of the URL. However, you may want to double-check the URL by comparing it to examples in the third section of this page: Allowing off-campus access to article.

Creating persistent links to EBSCOhost database articles

  1. Search for the article.
  2. Click on the article title so you can look at the article citation and abstract.
    Ebsco Step 2
  3. Click on the Permalink button on the right of the screen. Permalink will show about the article citation.
    Ebsco Step 3
  4. Highlight and copy this URL beginning with the http:// through to the end. Then you may paste this link into your online course materials.

Ensuring off-campus access to the link

Our campus proxy server, EZproxy, appends some information to the beginning of the database durable URL. Just add this to the front of any URL that need to go through the SPU proxy:

vendor URL:
EZproxy URL:

Need to convert a URL for remote access? Try out our Off-Campus Access Link Generator.

Have questions about this? Contact your liaison librarian.

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