Off-Campus Access Link Generator

When searching databases from on-campus, database and article URLs will not contain the library’s proxy information that is needed for remote access to most resources. This Link Generator may be used to create persistent links for off-campus access to library materials.

Off-Campus Access Link Generator

Be aware, not all resources need this conversion, please test the resulting URL before sharing with others or posting in Canvas.

Having difficulties? Please contact your liaison librarian!

Help us Test our EZproxy bookmarklet

Test our ezproxy bookmarklet. Just click drag the link up to your favorites bar. Clicking on the bookmarklet from the favorites bar will append our remote access proxy to the front of you current search page. You will then be prompted to log into the SPU system. If we subscribe to the full text you should be able to access it. If it returns a message saying that a host must be added to the config.txt message, double check the title in our discovery system to be sure we subscribe to it.