Seminar Room User Guide

The Seminar Room is used for ad hoc SPU campus events and meetings. Non-SPU groups must schedule the Seminar Room through Conference Services.


  • Maximum occupancy is 60.
  • The room has 20 tables and 40 adjustable chairs.
  • The library has 20 additional stackable chairs that may be used in this room.
  • The room is equipped with the standard CIS podium equipment, including notebook video and sound projection, and video projector.
  • Divider panels can be pulled to divide the room into two spaces.

The Seminar Room is reserved on a first-come, first-served basis:

  • Students may reserve the Seminar Room only when they are current SPU students and on behalf of a recognized SPU group.
  • SPU faculty may reserve the Seminar Room for an occasional class session.
  • Regularly scheduled classes may meet in the Seminar Room only when directed by the University registrar.
  • SPU faculty and staff may reserve the Seminar Room for occasional meetings of professional associations. The Seminar Room may not be reserved for recurring meetings. The faculty or staff member must attend the event and make all the necessary arrangements.


The SPU Library staff does not provide conference services (e.g., room setup, supplies, and food services). If the event is not directly related to SPU academic or campus life, then the faculty/staff member must make the reservation through Conference Services.


The Library Seminar Room may be reserved for use during regular library hours through the online reservation form. Questions? email

When making your reservation, let us know the event's start and end times, and if you need additional time for setup or cleanup.

Please allow up to 48 hours for your event to be confirmed (not including weekends). Confirmation of bookings made less than 48 hours in advance of an event cannot be guaranteed.

Room Arrangement/Set Up

Room setup and food setup arrangements are the responsibility of the reserving group. Unless you make other arrangements, you will find the Seminar Room set up the way the last group left it. Other campus departments assist with other aspects of the room's preparation. Reservations for setup in addition to event reservations are not accepted.

  • For room arrangement and setup/takedown, contact Building Maintenance at 206-281-2330 or through this online form.
  • For questions about computer/network access and/or audio-visual equipment, contact Computer Information Systems at 206-281-2982. Library staff does not provide tech support.
  • For questions about catering, contact Sodexo at 206-281-2355 or 206-281-2056.


  • The Library is a quiet study building, please minimize noise:
    • Keep the Seminar Room doors closed.
    • Do not have performing music groups or loud recorded music.
  • Do not affix anything to the walls with tape or adhesives.
  • When finished, remove extra materials and boxes, turn off the lights.
  • Report any spills immediately, as this helps prevent permanent stains.
  • If canceling reservations, please edit your reservation in roomfinder, email, or call 206-281-2413.


How can the room be arranged?
There are a variety of room setups that you can request for example, theater style, boardroom, u-shape, or classroom. You can download a blank version of the Seminar Room to draw up your own plans from Building Maintenance website.

Where can I place a registration table for my event?
There are two registration desk options that allow the library to remain ADA compliant during your event. 

Layout 1

Layout 2 

What do I do with extra tables and chairs once the room is set up for catering?
Food tables should be set up at the atrium end of the room or just outside of the Seminar Room B door. If extra tables or chairs are in the way, the chairs can line the perimeter of the Seminar Room and extra tables can be placed outside the room B door. When your event is finished, please return any extra tables or chairs to the seminar room.

Can I post additional signs for my event?
Your event will be published in the online room reservation calendar. We discourage additional signage because tape can harm the paint on the walls.

Can my group make a conference call from the room?
There is a line dedicated for conference calling in the room. The number is 206-281-2795. The jack is on the south wall by the podium.  Please contact CIS at 206-281-2982 if you need help with computer/network access or to request any additional audio-visual equipment.

Can I use another caterer besides Sodexo?
Sodexo is the only caterer allowed. Catering is usually set up at the atrium end of the room or outside the Seminar Room B door. Smaller groups can bring in their own beverages, box lunches or pizzas but are responsible for clean up. Please make sure all garbage and recycling has been placed in the receptacles provided. 

Does my group have to clean up the room?
Please remove any materials, including boxes, you brought for your event. Smaller groups that bring in their own food and beverages are responsible for their own clean up. Please place all garbage and recycling in the proper receptacles before leaving the room. The night cleaning crew will not pick up garbage and recycling not placed in the bins. Please notify staff about spills immediately, as this helps prevent permanent stains.

How do I log into the podium computer and how do I get guest wireless access?
Log in instructions are attached to the computer podium.  Computer and Information Systems maintains guest wireless access instructions.