Library Emergency Closure

The University Library is considered an essential service on the SPU campus and will remain open when the campus is closed due to inclement weather (as per the "Inclement Weather School Closure" memo from administration).

On days when classes are scheduled to be in session, but the University is closed due to inclement weather, the Library will be operational on a limited basis. The Library will also have reduced hours when the University issues "late start" or "early closure" instructions.

Call the Emergency Closure Hotline at 206-281-2800 for "campus closure" or "late start" information. For library hours, call 206-281-2228.

Library Hours for University Closures

"Late Start" of University Offices and Classes
If classes begin late, then the Library will open at the same time classes begin. It will remain open until the normal closing hour unless weather worsens or if the University issues "early closure" instructions.

"Early Closure" of the Campus
If the University closes and evening classes are cancelled, the Library will close at the same time the University closes.

Full University Closure
When the University is closed (classes are cancelled and offices are closed), the Library will be open as follows:
Monday through Friday: Noon–4 p.m.
Saturday and Sunday: Closed

(If conditions improve on one of the weekend days and the University would otherwise be open, the Library will open on a normal or limited schedule.)

Full University Closure During Interim Weeks or Holidays
When classes are not in session (during interim weeks or holidays) and there is a full University closure, the Library will close when other campus offices close.