Recall Policy

Is the book you need for your research checked out? Recall procedures exist that allow Library staff to initiate a request for an item to be returned sooner than the existing due date.

Do I really need a specific item that is currently checked out?

Please consider carefully your need to request a recall. It can be disruptive to the person who currently has the item. Instead, you can:

  • Check to see if other Summit libraries own a copy that you can request. (Summit borrowing is faster than the recall process.)
  • Consult with a reference librarian to see if there are other items that may fulfill your needs.
  • Place a hold/request rather than a recall on the item. A hold means that the item cannot be renewed by the person who has it, but we do not try to get the book back early. If the due date is within seven days, a hold is the same as a recall.

I really need a specific SPU item. How do I initiate a recall?

If recall seems like the only option, visit the Circulation desk or call 206-281-2228 and ask that a recall be placed. You will receive an email notice once the recalled item has been returned to the Library.

What could prevent my recall request from being filled?

  • Recall is available only for books. Other materials such as videos or DVDs are not eligible.
  • Books that have been checked out less than 14 days are also not eligible for recall; nor are ones that have been lent to another library via Summit borrowing or interlibrary loan.
  • The Circulation desk staff can help you determine your options if you need access to an item ineligible for recall.
  • Although we do assess higher fine rates for recalled items, we rely on the original borrower to return library materials in a timely manner.

I received a recall notice. What does that mean?

If you receive a recall notice, either a professor has requested that the item be placed on reserve for a specific class, or another library user needs to use a book that you have checked out.

When you receive a recall notice, please look at it carefully, since often a new (sooner) due date has been assigned to the item. All users are guaranteed 21-days use of an item, and are given at least seven days to return materials. Fine rates increase to $0.50 per day for overdue items when a recall has been placed.

If you receive a recall notice, return the item as soon as possible, as it means someone is anxiously waiting for the item. If you have questions about a recall you have received, visit the Circulation desk or call 206-281-2228.