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Cultivating the Imagination

A Conversation With Eugene Peterson

Growing in the Arts

A Guide to Going Deeper

Encountering the Arts at a Christian University

Faculty Members on Faith and Art

When in Rome

SPU Students Discover "Art and Incarnation"

What Are You Going to Do With That Major?

Arts Graduates Make Calling a Career

I’m With the Band

How SPU’s Secret Rock and Roll Incubator Changed My Life




The World Acting Globally

Antidote to Apathy

Conference Urges Gospel-Based Action on Poverty

Serving a Changing Church

Bottom Billions/Bottom Line


The City Urban Perspectives

A Credible Witness

National Leader to Direct SPU Reconciliation Studies Program

2011 Downtown Business Breakfast

A Plan, Not a Dream

The Bible & Theology Toward Christian Maturity

Does Love Win?

Theology Faculty Address Controversial Book

Into the Promised Land

Home & Family Improving Daily Life

A Family Affair

Autism Research Benefits Parents, Teachers

Healthy, Fresh, Affordable

Science & Technology Research and Discoveries

Published Before Prom

Through SPU Program, High School Students Do Real Research

With Energy to Spare

Athletics The Scholar-Athlete

Eye on London

Students Spur Track Coaches on Toward 2012 Olympics

Spring Sports Highlights

Alumni A World Community

2012 Alumnus of the Year

Renewing University Campuses, One Student at a Time

Young Alumna of the Year 2012

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