Rising college costs are a consistent barrier to students accessing the colleges of their choice and pursuing their dreams. In response, Seattle Pacific University is taking a bold step into the future by reducing undergraduate tuition by 25%, offering new scholarship initiatives, and putting a cap on future tuition increases.

Why? Because we think a nationally ranked, private education should be accessible. We believe paying for college should be transparent and straightforward. And we believe in investing in our students.

What Tuition Reimagined gives our students

1)  25% tuition reduction

While schools across the country are raising tuition, we reduced our tuition rate by 25%, making us the first private university in the Pacific Northwest to make this kind of change. Our new annual tuition is $35,100 (before scholarships, grants, and loans). 

2)  New scholarships

SPU offers several major scholarship opportunities that grant qualifying students thousands of dollars in tuition.

3)  Future tuition commitment

SPU is promising students and families enrolled by autumn 2021 that future tuition increases will not exceed 4% annually. This means tuition will continue to be more affordable and predictable for students and their families. Learn more


Best National University

Uncompromising quality

For the fifth year in a row, SPU is ranked among the best universities in the nation by U.S. News & World Report. We aren’t compromising quality by reducing tuition. Students will still receive the same SPU experience characterized by academic excellence, world-class professors, career connections, life-changing community, and deep faith.

Take the next step

  • 25%

    reduction to the full-time undergraduate tuition rate
  • $35,100

    new annual tuition cost (before scholarships, grants, and loans)
  • 95%

    SPU students who receive financial aid. View scholarship opportunities

Hear from our students

Frequently asked questions

Under Tuition Reimagined, SPU is lowering the annual undergraduate tuition rate by 25% to $35,100 (before scholarships, grants, and loans), beginning in autumn 2021.

SPU is also guaranteeing a 0% tuition increase for 2021–22 current students and that future annual tuition cost increases will not exceed 4% per year for students who begin in autumn 2021, making paying for college more affordable and predictable. 

To further offset costs for current students, SPU is offering a free undergraduate or graduate course for all students who continuously enroll beginning autumn 2020.

Through Tuition Reimagined, SPU aims to remove barriers and increase college access for students who would benefit from a nationally ranked, private education and transformative academic community. Many students and families do not view an SPU education as financially possible based on the published tuition rate alone. Lowering tuition provides students and their families a greater opportunity to enroll at SPU and meet their educational goals.

Tuition Reimagined will also increase current students' ability to afford tuition across their time at SPU. Over the last decade or more, tuition at colleges and universities has increased significantly. Tuition Reimagined brings the tuition rate closer to the amount students pay after grants and scholarships, and allows for more manageable financial planning for students and families.

SPU's education experience, even amidst a global pandemic, is highly sought-after. Returning student enrollment is strong and new student enrollment is up by almost three percent. Lowering financial barriers will allow more students to consider attending a nationally ranked, private university like SPU.

SPU does anticipate some net tuition revenue loss, but due to significant planning, research, and excellent budget stewardship, there are no anticipated cuts in student programs, academic quality, or other SPU signature services as a result of the tuition reduction. 

Over two years ago, President Martin asked for a review of financial aid and the cost of an SPU education. After close study of available options and quantitative and qualitative research, SPU decided to lower tuition. This required Senior Leadership review and Board of Trustee approval. Additionally, the new pricing needed to fold into the budget cycle of the university. Announcing the reduction in September provides opportunity for the University to budget well, and for prospective and current students to understand the change and its benefits to them.

There are no anticipated cuts in student programs, academic quality, or other SPU signature services as a result of the tuition reduction.

As part of Tuition Reimagined, SPU is committing to predictable and historically low tuition cost increases beginning in autumn 2022. For students enrolled in autumn 2021, SPU is guaranteeing your annual tuition cost increase through senior status or three years, whichever comes first, will be no more than 4% (historically, tuition has risen about 5%). This provides students and families with a known tuition cost and will give the opportunity to better plan.

Tuition reduction: Tuition rates will be reduced for all undergraduate students (current and incoming) in autumn 2021. New autumn 2021 students who might have limited their options to public institutions will receive the opportunity to consider SPU at a lower cost.  

Tuition Commitment: Under SPU’s Tuition Commitment, current undergraduate students will receive the same tuition cost for the 2021–22 school year, after renewable SPU grants and scholarships are considered. That’s a 0% increase in tuition for 2021–22, which will have a compounding, lasting positive impact on tuition costs in future years. 

SPU also guarantees that annual tuition increase through senior status or three years, whichever comes first, will be no more than 4% (historically, tuition has risen about 5% each year). This provides students and families with a known, lower tuition cost and will give the opportunity to better plan.

Free course: Current undergraduate students who are continuously enrolled from autumn 2020 until graduation will receive one free course after graduation. This can be a standalone undergraduate course or a free graduate course, should students be admitted into an SPU graduate program.  

Room, board, and fees are expected to increase at similar rates as the past. Room and board increases about 4% annually (between $400 and $500), and increases in fees varies, between $15 to $30 each year.

No, Tuition Reimagined only applies to undergraduate tuition costs. Seattle Pacific graduate programs follow their own pricing models and financial aid programs.

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