We know that paying for college is expensive and can be overwhelming. SPU has been looking for ways to make the academic quality and transformative community of SPU more affordable and accessible to our students.

That’s why we are excited to announce Tuition Reimagined. As part of this initiative, we are lowering our undergraduate tuition rate by 25% and restructuring our financial aid with new scholarships. All of these changes allow us to make SPU’s costs more affordable and clear.

  • 25%

    reduction to the full-time undergraduate tuition rate
  • $35,100

    new annual tuition cost (before scholarships, grants, and loans)
  • $0

    net tuition increase after renewable SPU gift aid is considered after your renewable SPU grants and scholarships are applied.
  • 95%

    SPU students who receive financial aid. View scholarship opportunities

How Tuition Reimagined benefits current students


$0 tuition increase

You will see a $0 increase in tuition costs for the 2021–22 school year, after your financial aid is applied. This is the second time in 30 years we’ve been able to offer this, and it significantly lowers the tuition of future years as well!

In order to make this change possible, we have restructured some of our scholarship offerings, so your financial aid statement might look slightly different. Log in to Banner to view your new statement.


Free course

You can take an undergraduate or graduate course of your choice for free after continuously enrolling and graduating from SPU. This will allow you to take extra time to complete a required course, take a course you dreamed of but didn’t have time to fit in, or get a head start on your graduate studies at SPU.


Future tuition commitment

SPU is promising students and families enrolled by autumn 2021 that future tuition increases will not exceed 4% annually. This means tuition will continue to be more affordable and predictable for students and their families.

Current SPU freshmen, sophomores, and juniors:

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Frequently asked questions

Tuition Commitment: Under SPU’s Tuition Commitment, current undergraduate students will receive a $0 increase in net tuition costs for the 2021–22 school year, after renewable SPU grants and scholarships are considered. 

SPU also guarantees that subsequent annual tuition increases for current students will be no more than 4% (historically, tuition has risen about 5% each year). This provides students and families with a known, lower tuition cost.

Free course: Current undergraduate students who are continuously enrolled from autumn 2020 until graduation will receive one free course after graduation. This can be a standalone undergraduate course or a free graduate course, should students be admitted into an SPU graduate program. 

In general, SPU scholarships will be reduced, but students will pay the same or less net tuition costs in autumn 2021 after renewable SPU scholarships are considered. Federal and state governmental aid (grants, scholarships, and loans) amounts are not affected by the reduction in tuition.

You will need to maintain a GPA of 2.0 and complete 70% of all your attempted credits.

Tuition Reimagined will go into effect in autumn 2021 for any enrolled undergraduate student. Students who choose to withdraw now will miss out on the complete cost savings opportunity and risk needing to reapply. Students who maintain their enrollment will pay the same tuition price after renewable SPU scholarships next year (the same price for two years) and will receive the opportunity to attend one course for free after graduation.

Students who withdraw will pay a new tuition price after scholarships in autumn 2021 (missing out on the $0 net tuition increase). They will also pay the new tuition price in autumn 2022 and will not be eligible for the free course after graduation.

Your veterans' benefits will be unchanged. As long as you are eligible with the VA, you will continue to receive the benefits in tuition payments and other educational costs.

Yes, SPU remains committed to the Falcon Bound program. Eligible students will have their tuition covered by federal and state aid, and SPU grants and scholarships.

Yes, SPU remains committed to Faith for the Future Scholars. Recipients will continue to receive at least 50% of tuition in SPU gift aid.

You will continue to receive the benefits of the award. Your net SPU tuition and fees will continue to be equal to or less than the tuition and fees at your home state's flagship public university.

You employee discount percentage will remain the same. The dollar amount of the discount will be less since tuition will be reduced.

SPU scholarships are funded in part by tuition dollars. Since tuition will be reduced, SPU scholarships must be as well (SPU policy regarding changes to financial awards). SPU will ensure that students will pay the same or lower tuition costs in autumn 2021 after renewable SPU gift aid (grants and scholarships) is considered.

Unfortunately, as institutional budgets have been finalized for prior years, the tuition reduction cannot be made retroactively. However, SPU is still committed to college accessibility for all our students. Students and families facing financial challenges may reach out to Student Financial Services (SFS). SFS is often able to help!

It is understandable that at first glance this reduction does not seem fair. However, the graduating class of 2021 will be the first class eligible to receive one free course after graduation. You may use this to begin your graduate degree at SPU, enroll in an undergraduate course you hoped to take, or enroll in an undergraduate class to improve your marketability. Also note that, generally, returning students in autumn 2021 will not be paying less.

No, Tuition Reimagined only applies to undergraduate tuition costs. Seattle Pacific graduate programs follow their own pricing models and financial aid programs.

No. SPU has pledged to keep students' tuition costs the same as they are this year after your renewable gift aid has been considered. For most students, this means that your SPU scholarships and grants may be reduced, but you will still benefit compared to prior years because you will not experience the 4–5% increase in out-of-pocket cost that is typical. Also, room and board and some fees have also increased.

Contact us if you have additional questions