How to pay for college

Yes, It Can Be Affordable! Does it surprise you to hear that a private, Christian university can be affordable? When you do a side-by-side comparison with many public universities, the numbers are much closer than you might think.

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The published “sticker price” at a private university can look overwhelming, but because of scholarships and other funding options, it is generally not what most students pay. Yes, paying for college takes legwork, but by now you may have received your financial aid package, and you’ve seen how Seattle Pacific has offered to help lighten your load.

Scholarships and Grants

Top Myths About Paying for College

Don’t be fooled! Here are some of the biggest misconceptions students have about funding their education.

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Monthly Zoom financial aid webinars

Feel confident about the financial aid you’ll receive for your Seattle Pacific education.

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Outside Scholarships

Looking for more scholarships, in addition to your SPU financial aid? We’ve compiled a detailed, searchable list from outside agencies and organizations. Search for scholarships »
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Find a Job on Handshake

If you’re looking for a part-time job, either on- or off-campus, this is the place to go! Handshake connects SPU students and alumni with employers, internship providers, and mentors.

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What are loans, and how do they work?

For an in-depth look at different types of loans, and everything you need to know about repaying them, see the U.S. Department of Education’s extensive resources on federal student aid.

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Getting a job

August is the best time to start looking for part-time jobs, both on- and off-campus. SPU’s Center for Career and Calling has a number of resources to help you get hired.