Preparing to Apply

Are you planning to apply to SPU? Here are some tips for how to stand out as an applicant.

Looking for more feedback on what we look for in our applicants? Your admissions counselor would love to connect with you and answer all your questions.

We consider your:

  • Mission fit. We look for students who are energized by our vision to engage the culture and change the world. We evaluate you by your essays, optional interview, and optional recommendation letters.

  • Academic fit. We want to make sure that you’ll succeed in SPU’s challenging academic environment. For this, we look at your essays, transcript grade and grade trend, optional test scores, and optional recommendation letters. At the minimum, complete your high school graduation requirements. In order to be a competitive applicant, we recommend:

A stack of books

4 years English

Learn more about the writing ("W") competency requirement, including what any AP, CLEP, IB exams, and college level writing courses can fulfill.

A calculator and compass

3 years math

Beakers and a microscope

3 years science

Including both lab & physical science.

A globe

2 years social science

Drama masks

1 year arts

Two chat bubbles in different languages

2 years foreign language

Students who enter with 2 years of a foreign language will have already completed the competency requirement needed for SPU graduation.

Ways to set yourself apart:

  • Take college-level and college prep classes like Advanced Placement, IB, and dual-credit programs like Running Start
  • Well-written, memorable essays that showcase your strengths, unique experiences, and goals
  • Extracurricular involvement
  • Visit campus and meet us in person.