Reapply for Admission

Don't fill out the Common Application or SPU Application twice!

If you have ever applied to SPU, or if you have ever attended SPU as a matriculated student, you do not have to fill out the SPU Application or Common Application again! Instead, you can reapply here. This is a simple, shorter application that tells us what you have been up to since you last applied for or attended SPU.

Do you qualify for Reapplication?

This is for students who have either:

  1. Completed an SPU application or Common Application in the past, and are looking to reapply to Seattle Pacific University for the next academic year.*
  2. Formerly completed coursework at SPU as a matriculated student, but have not enrolled at SPU for four quarters or more, including summer.**

If you do not qualify under either of these options, you can still apply to SPU using the SPU Application.

*Admitted students who wish to change the quarter in which they plan to enroll within the same academic year as their original application, please request a Quarter Change from Office of Undergraduate Admissions.

** Reapplication is only required for SPU students who have been separated from SPU for four quarters or more, including summer. If you have been away for three or fewer quarters, please work with the Office of the Registrar to re-enroll.

Reapplication Checklist

Submit the following:
  • Reapply for admission with this shortened application
  • Official transcripts of coursework you have completed since you last applied to/attended SPU.
  • Final high school transcript: only required if you graduated high school since you last applied to SPU and you have completed fewer than 45 college level quarter credits (30 semester credits).