First Year Students

Think SPU might be your perfect fit? Go through our application checklist. Apply by midnight on January 15, and we'll waive your $50 application fee-- see instructions below.

Here’s what we need from you: 
  • Application. We use the Common Application. Make sure to fill out our member questions as well!
  • $50 application fee waiver. See the instructions above to claim your waiver.
  • Essays. You’ll submit this with your Common Application. This is where we get to meet you! Have fun and be authentic.
  • Test scores. We accept both the ACT and the SAT. We recommend taking both tests, and then retaking the one where you scored the highest. To be official, the test agency needs to send us scores. (This can take two to four weeks.)
  • Official high school transcript. Your high school counselor can upload an official transcript onto the Common Application, or they can mail an official transcript in a sealed envelope to our office. You can forward a sealed envelope to us as well, as long as you receive it from your high school.
  • Recommendations. Although letters of recommendation are not required to complete your application, they are strongly recommended. Your recommenders may submit an evaluation form via the Common Application, or they can write a free-form letter of recommendation and send it to us via email, fax, or postal mail. We consider the opinions of your teachers, mentors, and youth leaders. (If your teacher is a parent, please send us a recommendation from a non-family member as well.)

  • Interview. This is optional, but allows us to connect a face and personality with your admission file. A phone interview is also an option.

We consider your:
  • Academic fit. For this, we look at test scores, essays, recommendations, and grades and grade trend. We want to make sure that you’ll succeed in SPU’s challenging academic environment.

  • Mission fit. We look for students who are energized by our vision to engage the culture and change the world. We evaluate this by your essays, interview (optional), and recommendations.

Here’s an idea of the middle 50 percent of our current freshman class.

High School GPA: 3.32–3.84
SAT Score (CR+M): 1040–1230
ACT Score: 22–28

Freshman Application Deadlines
November 15

Early Action Extended Deadline if you want to start Autumn Quarter

Make sure to apply early action if you want priority on financial aid.

January 15

Regular Decision Extended Deadline if you want to start Autumn Quarter

March 1

If you want to start

Spring Quarter

November 15

If you want to start

Winter Quarter