How Real Students Pay for College

The myths I hear every year

Ineliz Soto-Fuller

Assistant Director of Undergraduate Admissions Ineliz Soto-Fuller has worked with high school students at SPU
for almost a decade.

I have had many students say they couldn’t attend SPU, well before they heard about scholarships or financial aid. Many of those students are now thoroughly enjoying their SPU experience. Here are a few misconceptions about paying for college that I want to tackle.

1.) I can’t afford it. You don’t know this until you go through the process! I was a first-generation low-income college student and I made it through a private college education. If I just looked at sticker price, I would not have given myself the opportunity.

2.) Loans are bad. Loans you get from a college are going to help you appreciate your investment, gain credit for purchases down the line, and they are manageable. Our Student Financial Services office works hard to make sure this is true, which is why our default rate is so low. I still pay college loans and although it isn’t my favorite thing to make payments each month, I have no regrets!

3.) Scholarships are too competitive. There isn’t a year that goes by where I hear about a scholarship that could go to three to five students and only two students apply. Apply for everything out there because you never know!

4.) Cheaper is better. This might be the case if you are buying a fashionable shirt that will end up at Goodwill in a few months, but your college decision will impact the rest of your life. I know so many SPU graduates who are thankful they made the investment at SPU, because they don’t think they would have grown as much in their faith and character, or had the same job opportunities elsewhere.