Spring 2016

Ryan Alcantara
Cover Story

Your Dream Career:

How to Make It a Reality After College

Right after graduation, Ryan Alcantara started working full time in Brooks' biomechanics lab. SPU's resources help students use their degrees to find exciting careers in fields they love.

Orfos Bike Light
Big Ideas

Grad's Invention Has Brilliant Results

Students hiking
Real Life

Plan Your Next Outdoor Adventure

Belinda Garcia
Heart & Soul

How Parkour Helps Me to Trust God 

Calisto Correa
Heart & Soul

Wesleyan Small Groups

Seattle park
Things to Do in Seattle

4 Parks Within 15 Minutes of SPU

Ronald Haight
SPU Professors

Ron Haight, Director of Music Technology

Kevin Johnson
My World

Kevin Johnson

Sara Derr
My World

Sara Derr

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