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SPU vs. Public Universities: value

Here are some of our important features you likely won’t find at public universities.

Washington state public university
Seattle Pacific University
Public universities often rely on grad students to teach classes.
At SPU your classes will always be taught by professors who are expert scholars and researchers in their fields.
Washington state public university
Seattle Pacific University
Other schools might not offer a full breadth of classes outside your major.
At SPU, you will gain a host of skills alongside your major studies. That’s why many employers look to hire graduates with liberal arts educations.
Washington state public university
Seattle Pacific University
Many state schools make students wait one to two years to apply for their desired major program — and even then, they might not get in!
SPU offers direct admission to majors, so you know from the beginning that you can pursue your calling.
Washington state public university
Seattle Pacific University
Only 33.3% of students at public colleges and universities graduate in four years.
On average, SPU students graduates in 3.9 years. This saves time — and money.
Washington state public university
Seattle Pacific University
Many state schools don't have the capacity to involve undergraduate students in research.
At SPU, undergraduate students are involved in cutting-edge research early on — invaluable experience for future employment and grad school options.
Washington state public university
Seattle Pacific University
Many public university classrooms are closed to faith discussion.
At SPU, we know faith connects to every discipline. Faith conversations happen inside and outside the classroom, fostering a deep-thinking, supportive community.

Our students borrow less

Keep in mind that 95 percent of SPU undergraduates currently receive scholarships and/or need-based financial aid.

And at SPU that aid isn’t just for valedictorians, which means our students borrow less money than the average college student. Most people say that’s a very good thing.

We’ll also show you how to apply for aid — starting with the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) form — and find a job or internship in one of the world’s coolest cities.

In the end, don’t let all the money-talk scare you. At SPU, you’ll get to know a full lineup of staff whose purpose and passion are to cheer you on, from your admissions application form to graduation gown.

Questions? SPU’s Student Financial Services team is here to support you. It’s what we do.


SPU Families with incomes under $40,000.


SPU Families with incomes from $40,000 to $80,000


SPU Families with incomes under $80,000. (That's more than half!)

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Earn Micro-scholarships Throughout Your Time in High School

SPU partners with to award micro-scholarships for a number of specific achievements you make in high school. An “A” in biology gets you $400. AP courses are $1,000 each.

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How to maximize your financial aid

College scholarships saved Shayla’s education

It’s common to experience “sticker shock” when researching the cost of college tuition. But with over 90 percent of Seattle Pacific students receiving financial aid this past year, the total cost of an SPU education can be much less than you might think.