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Undergraduate Admissions

Seattle Pacific Ambassadors

Seattle Pacific Ambassadors are an exclusive group of engaged, enthusiastic student leaders who are excited to share their passion for Seattle Pacific and give visitors a glimpse of what makes our campus so special!

What do ambassadors do?
  • Take visitors on in-depth campus tours and share their SPU stories
  • Join prospective students on fun, free adventures on and off campus
  • Chauffeur students and families from around the world to and from campus
  • Host future Falcons for overnight events
  • Attend exclusive Seattle Pacific Ambassador Team events
  • Sport SPU swag and represent the admissions office as the face of the university

Who we are

Meet the dynamic team of SPU ambassadors — the faces of Seattle Pacific University! Our ambassadors are dedicated to serving and representing Seattle Pacific, providing campus tours, acting as SPU representatives, and performing duties at various campus and community events. Let’s take a closer look at our awesome team. Shall we?

Your 2019–20 Ambassadors

Jade Aritchita

Hometown: Santa Cruz, California
Graduation: 2022
Major: Human Development and Family Studies

"My favorite thing to do off-campus is hiking with the Outdoor Recreation Program (ORP) and exploring parks around the Seattle area with friends."

Aseda Bekoe-Sakyi

Hometown: Turlock, CA
Graduation: 2021
Major: Music Composition, Music Technology

“Exploring Seattle has become a new favorite pastime of mine since moving from California! On the weekends, I love to try out the different coffee shops, explore the boutiques, and grab food. I also love being able to practice my photography in an urban city environment.”

Sonne Brown

Hometown: Chicago, IL
Graduation: 2022
Major: Global Development Studies

“Make spontaneous adventures with anybody you run into on campus! Genuinely, yelling is a good way to make a TON of friends.”

Alyssa Buller

Hometown: Santa Cruz, CA
Graduation: 2022
Major: Elementary Education with an arts emphasis

“I chose SPU not only for the community here but also for the small class sizes. I am a student who likes a lot of professor-to-student interaction, and the small class sizes are perfect for this! Having all of my professors know my name makes me feel like I truly belong in the classroom.”

Jesselyn Cruz (Intern)

Hometown: Dedeo, Guam
Graduation: 2020
Major: Special Education

“I chose SPU because they have Special Ed as a major and the certification program within the undergrad program is exactly what I was looking for. As a transfer, I also wanted a smaller close knit community which is what SPU provides!”

Makana Dang

Hometown: Mililani, HI
Graduation: 2022
Major: Electrical Engineering

“My favorite thing at SPU is the clubs such as PICCA and Ohana ‘O Hawai’i…. Every weekend and sometimes during the week, my friends and I find ourselves at Gas Works park talking story. ”

Serina Dawa

Hometown: Tacoma, WA
Graduation: 2020
Major: Nursing

“My favorite thing about SPU is it’s community. I was welcomed by such a loving and caring community that encouraged me to challenge myself and my beliefs in order to become a stronger and more knowledgeable person.”

Taylor Delahoussaye

Hometown: Hacienda Heights, CA
Graduation: 2020
Major: Nursing

“I chose SPU because I wanted to make sure my college was located in a city that was well known for medicine, in hopes of providing me with opportunities to work alongside the best medical professionals in the world. ”

Noha Elbahouty (Intern)

Hometown: Duvall, WA
Graduation: 2022
Major: Human Development and Family Studies, Sociology

“My favorite thing about SPU is the people! I have met so many incredible people during my time here that have helped me grow immensely and have become my family away from home. ”

Emily Geringer

Hometown: Gig Harbor, WA
Graduation: 2021
Major: Global Development

“My favorite thing about SPU has to be all of the amazing people that I’ve met here. Coming in I didn’t know anyone, but I have met some incredible people who have become such an integral part of my life.”

Kate Erickson

Hometown: Santa Barbara, California
Graduation: 2022
Major: Journalism, Computer Science minor

"My favorite thing about SPU? It's in Seattle! I also chose SPU because of the many resources it provides to students."

Nicholas Godoy

Hometown: Panaʻewa, HI
Graduation: 2022
Major: Mechanical Engineering

“SPU does an awesome job setting me up for success. It’s very reassuring to know that if I need help, I can go to my professors or study groups. ”

Elly Ha

Hometown: Gresham, OR
Graduation: 2021
Major: Art

“Out of all the schools I applied to, I choose SPU because of the dynamic I felt when visiting. I felt like I was ready to begin a new chapter of my life here.”

Kay Hopwo

Hometown: Vancouver, BC
Graduation: 2020
Major: Cellular and Molecular Biology

“Kicking around Ballard Market is the best! I'm always trying to find new corners of the city I’ve never been to.”

Jennifer Kirchner

Hometown: Thousand Oaks, CA
Graduation: 2021
Major: Theatre Production

“My favorite thing about SPU is the passionate professors. My favorite things about Seattle are going to see plays, shopping at Goodwill, or playing board games at MOX boarding house.”

Hugo Lam

Hometown: Mukilteo, WA
Graduation: 2020
Major: Nursing

“I enjoy spending time outdoors and hiking with my family and friends. It is so worth it once you make it to the top of the trailhead to get that picture for Instagram!”

Chelsea Lauzon

Hometown: Everett, WA
Graduation: 2020
Major: Criminal Justice and Sociology, Women Studies minor

"The relationships we are able to build with the professors is what really makes us different from other schools. Having professors that care for you, your learning, and your future is a real blessing. It makes learning so much easier and more fun when you know your professor and they know you."

Sara Lippert

Hometown: DuPont, WA
Graduation: 2020
Major: Communication

“I decided to attend SPU after visiting the campus during a Falcon Night! I stayed in Emerson Hall and got to visit classes and felt right at home.”

Omni Lott (Intern)

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Graduation: 2020
Major: Politics, Philosophy, & Economics (PPE)

“The people are what make it for me. The family I have made here at Seattle Pacific is one I hope to keep for life.”

Aaron Lumpkin

Hometown: Castle Rock, CO
Graduation: 2020
Major: Sociology and Business Administration

“My favorite thing about SPU are the professors, they love getting to know and support students. The Sociology professors, in particular, have been such a huge support to me as I've tried to navigate double-majoring during my Senior year.”

Kaylie Maitre

Hometown: Bend, OR
Graduation: 2021
Major: Psychology, Business Administration minor

“I love the homey feeling you get while walking around campus, and seeing friendly faces of people who never fail to make me smile and make me feel like I belong here.”

Andrew Metz

Hometown: Woodinville, WA
Graduation: 2021
Major: Biology

“I have met some truly incredible people here, including my biology professors who include faith and God in how we learn about biology and nature.”

Ethan Meyer

Hometown: Alamosa, CO
Graduation: 2022
Major: Computer Science

“I am always impressed at how willing the professors are to engage with the students and help them succeed.”

Alex Moore

Hometown: Medford, OR
Graduation: 2021
Major: Social Justice and Cultural Studies

“I love to just hop on one of the hundreds of bikes available around Seattle and head into Fremont for some coffee, flea market finds, fresh food, and fellowship. I find the scene near campus, stunning!”

Ethan Sager

Hometown: Boise, ID
Graduation: 2021
Major: Global Development

“My favorite thing at SPU is the great diversity of thought, giving a plethora of perspectives.”

Pierce Salave'a (Intern)

Hometown: Honolulu, HI
Graduation: 2020
Major: Communication

“I recommend taking weekends to relax. For me, that looks like going to nearby parks, bowling alleys, concerts, the city and just adventuring in downtown, as well as near by beaches for bonfires. I'll also use the weekend to just link up with friends who have different class schedules than me.”

Laura Shigeta

Hometown: Honolulu, HI
Graduation: 2020
Major: Christian Theology – Ed

“I told God that if he wanted me to go to a christian college it would have to meet all my random requirements, and SPU did...tenfold!”

Samara Sorce

Hometown: San Ramon, CA
Graduation: 2020
Major: Business Administration

“You’ll probably hear this from most students, which speaks to the truth of this even more, but the SPU community has made the transition into college more seamless, and has helped me stay motivated in chasing after my passions.”

Carly Strayer

Hometown: Burien, WA
Graduation: 2020
Major: Global Development

“I love thrifting and going to the different farmer's markets nearby! I also enjoy studying at all the different coffee shops so close by!”

Delyla Vue

Hometown: Edmonds, WA
Graduation: 2021
Major: Electrical Engineering

“The best thing about SPU is my Fifth Hill girls – these wonderful women bring out the best in me. With them, I’ve never felt so lucky and extravagant.”

Jessica Welch

Hometown: Eugene, OR
Graduation: 2020
Major: Integrated Studies – Elementary Education

“You'll love seeing friendly faces around campus and feeling connected to a small community in a big city - just like I do! ”


More and more employers are looking for their employees to be involved in the community and service to others. As a student ambassador, you’ll gain the leadership skills that will help build your résumé and teach you critical skills beneficial for any career field. Plus, it’s REALLY fun!

Are you a current or incoming SPU student looking to contribute to the SPU community and build relationships? Consider becoming a host or student ambassador today!

For more information email us at VisitUs@spu.edu.