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August 2016 | Volume 10, Issue 7
125 years: our “quasquicentennial,” how your student can find employment, should your student study abroad, and more.

June 2016 | Volume 10, Issue 6
Our Strategic Plan, the Class of 2016, David Crowder in concert, updates from Student Financial Services, and more.

May 2016 | Volume 10, Issue 5
The SPU Wellness Initiative, New Student Advising dates, SPU Payment Plan, David Crowder in concert, Commencement 2016, and more.

April 2016 | Volume 10, Issue 4
Advice to parents for summer, New Student Advising, “The Evolution of God’s New Creation” (2016 Walls Lecture), and more.

March 2016 | Volume 10, Issue 3
Seattle: a city of opportunities for your student; a new initiative called “Falcon Formation,” upcoming events — including a free lecture by world-renowned presidential historian Doris Kearns Goodwin — and more.

February 2016 | Volume 10, Issue 2
A feature about our study abroad “ambassadors,” new majors, minors, and concentrations; Spring Quarter Lectio on Hebrews; and more.

January 2016 | Volume 10, Issue 1
A message from Director for Alumni and Parent Relations Bryan Jones about Homecoming 2016, upcoming events — including the Downtown Business Breakfast and Commencement — and more.


December 2015 | Volume 10, Issue 10
A video Christmas message from President Martin and SPU; the role of justice in our world, The Sacred Sounds of Christmas, and more.

November 2015 | Volume 9, Issue 9
President Martin’s Veterans Day message, advice to parents of students who are struggling in their classes, upcoming events, and more.

October 2015 | Volume 9, Issue 8
SPU Ranked No. 2 in “Best Colleges — Best Value” in the West by U.S. News & World Report, SPU Receives King County Crisis Preparedness Award, and more.


August 2015 | Volume 9, Issue 7
Find out where our study abroad students studied; SPU summer goings-on; 2015–16 SPU Theatre season announced; a recap and photos of Commencement 2015; and more.

June 2015 | Volume 9, Issue 6
SPU's Center for Career and Calling dispels common “major myths”; SPULink is now connecting students to career services, internship opportunities, and other resources; and more.

May 2015 | Volume 9, Issue 5

A message from SPU’s University Scholars program director, Professor Jeff Keuss, about the program; all about the Center for Career and Calling at SPU, the faculty member of the year; and more.

April 2015 | Volume 9, Issue 4

How SPU students think about and use the power of their university education both now and after graduation; how they pay for college; two important next steps for new students; recap of the ethics bowl; and more.

March 2015 | Volume 9, Issue 3

A new study abroad program in Florence that explores Italy’s sustainable food production; senior John Jarman answers questions about his time at SPU; the ninth annual Social Venture Plan Competition; and more.

February 2015 | Volume 9, Issue 2

A look at character and whether it can be measured; what it’s like living on campus; transfer student Claire Neiman and the SPU honors program, University Scholars; Homecoming 2015 recap; and more.

January 2015 | Volume 9, Issue 1

President Dan Martin's op-ed in The Seattle Times; a screening and discussione of Selma led by SPU’s Black Student Union; a tribute to the late Andraé Crouch by Associate Professor of Music Stephen Newby; and more.


December 2014 | Volume 8, Issue 11

A message from the vice president of student life; all about Career Week 2015, our Winter Quarter Gospel of Matthew Lectio; a new study abroad program in Florence, Italy; and more.

November 2014 | Volume 8, Issue 10

Tent City returns to Seattle Pacific; a 2014 graduate is working on a master’s degree at King's College in London, on of the top universities in the world; Mom’s Day is a huge success; and more.

October 2014 | Volume 8, Issue 9

Hear from Alumni and Parent Relations Director Bryan Jones; find out how Associate Professor of Philosophy Patrick McDonald helps students tackle challenging questions of faith; read about how CityQuest inspires students to engage the culture through community service; and more.

September 2014 | Volume 8, Issue 8

Hear from President Martin as the school year is about to begin; faculty and staff who have been writing and preaching in response to the nationwide conversation on race and injustice that has emerged around recent events in Ferguson, Missouri; and more.

August 2014 | Volume 8, Issue 7

Read about three students who have SERVE grants in Slovenia, El Salvador, and the Czech Republic; the 12th annual Day of Common Learning; registration for Orientation; athletic awards; due dates for your student’s health records; and more.

July 2014 | Volume 8, Issue 6

Hear from President Martin about Commencement 2014, a business graduate spends four years hiking and photographing his way through the lush Puget Sound landscape, funds are established to commemorate the events of June 5, and more.

May 2014 | Volume 8, Issue 5

President Martin talks about the student experience, students connect with refugee families, Professor of History Bill Woodward presents “5 Worlds of 42” to the Northwest Chapter of the Society for American Baseball Research, and more.

April 2014 | Volume 8, Issue 4

Take a peak inside two residence hall rooms, read how SPU alumni show their Seahawks spirit, and learn about joining the President’s Circle.

March 2014 | Volume 8, Issue 3

Read about Professor Downing and his astronomy class at Camp Casey; SPU's upcoming events, including a visit by Madeleine Albright and Commencement 2014; and more.

February 2014 | Volume 8, Issue 2

Read about Director and Professor of Music Therapy Carlene Brown's scouting and production work for Moore Theatre's annual concert for young artists; SPU's upcoming events, including a visit by Madeleine Albright and Commencement 2014; and more.

January 2014 | Volume 8, Issue 1

Read about Alli Cutting (ecology major) and how she spent a summer studying local beaches with Associate Professor of Biology Ryan Ferrer; find out what SPU faculty have doing inside and outside the classroom; learn about upcoming SPU events; and more.


November 2013 | Volume 7, Issue 10

Read about Sarah Welton PhD '12 and how she is helping veterans heal; find out what SPU faculty have doing inside and outside the classroom; learn about upcoming SPU events; and more.

October 2013 | Volume 7, Issue 9

Read about how SPU students are confronted with tough questions, and challenged to understand their world from the perspective of the Christian faith; find out what SPU faculty have doing inside and outside the classroom; learn about upcoming SPU events; and more.

September 2013 | Volume 7, Issue 8

Read a message from SPU's President Dan Martin to parents; find out what SPU faculty have doing inside and outside the classroom; learn about upcoming SPU events; and more.

August 2013 | Volume 7, Issue 7

This summer, seven teams of students are spending time abroad with Seattle Pacific University’s SPRINT (Seattle Pacific Reachout International) program.

June 2013 | Volume 7, Issue 6

Sophomore Mariel Rieland joined a SPRINT team to Malawi to work with orphans and to provide community health awareness and preventive care.

May 2013 | Volume 7, Issue 5

The NIA Wheel was chosen as the grand prize winner in this year's Social Venture Competition. The specially designed wheelchair provides mobility via neurological impulse actuator (NIA) technology.


April 2013 | Volume 7, Issue 4

Read what students said about their "Urban Plunge"; discover the connection between the SPACE Club and zucchini; help your student become "financially educated"; and more.


March 2013 | Volume 7, Issue 3

Read about SPU's Parents Fund; learn about the spiritual lives of teenagers; get ready for Spring Quarter’s Lectio series; and more.


February 2013 | Volume 7, Issue 2

Read about the newest study abroad programs at SPU; learn about Moneywise, a financial education program for students; and more.

January 2013 | Volume 7, Issue 1

Read about what your student can do to stay healthy this winter; learn about upcoming events — including a racial reconciliation conference and the Inaugural Symposium; and more.


December 2012 | Volume 6, Issue 11

Read a special message from Vice President for Student Life Jeff Jordan; encourage your student to attend "Senior Week"; learn about SPU's Facebook pages; and more.


November 2012 | Volume 6, Issue 10

Read about the recipients of SPU's Young Alumni Council Scholarship; get a recap of Mom's Weekend; learn about upcoming SPU events; and more.


October 2012 | Volume 6, Issue 9

Learn about SPU's Parent Council; get a recap of the 2012 Day of Common Learning; read about the successes in Falcon athletics; and more.


September 2012 | Volume 6, Issue 8

Read a special message from SPU's new president, Dan Martin; learn about the summer SPRINT trips; get your tickets for Sacred Sounds of Christmas; and more!


Summer 2012 | Volume 6, Issue 7

Learn about two new SPU study abroad trips, five career moves students can undertake this summer, and more.


June 2012 | Volume 6, Issue 6

Read President Eaton's last message to parents, a list of extraordinary graduates, and more.


May 2012 | Volume 6, Issue 5

Read about SPU students who compete for the prestigious Fulbright scholarship, find out who won the Social Venture Plan Competition, and more.


April 2012 | Volume 6, Issue 4

Learn about student scholarship successes, SPU's new president, and SPRINT mission trips. There's also important info on financial aid, student advising, and upcoming events.


March 2012 | Volume 6, Issue 3

In this issue, we focus on  SPU professors and how they prepare for this pivotal role. Also learn about Orientation, SPU's Facebook page, and GospelFest.


February 2012 | Volume 6, Issue 2

Learn about SPU's latest study abroad program; keep up-to-date on the presidential search; mark your calendars for upcoming campus events.


January 2012 | Volume 6, Issue 1

SPU is committed to student success. We don't aim to enroll students; we aim to enroll future graduates.


December 2011 | Volume 5, Issue 11

Read a special note from the Dean of Student Life; learn about Tent City 3; get important financial aid information; find out about exciting upcoming events on the SPU campus.


November 2011 | Volume 5, Issue 10

Learn about the importance of financial aid; make sure your student is "SPU alert;" use iTunes U to listen to past on-campus lectures and gain tips from Student Academic Services.


October 2011 | Volume 5, Issue 9
Find out about SPU’s Day of Common Learning, ways students can get around Seattle without a car, and how students can track their progress toward graduation with a new online tool.

September 2011 | Volume 5, Issue 8
It's All About Relationships
SPU is a place that cares about relationships, especially among the many families the University brings together.

Summer 2011 | Volume 5, Issue 7
All the World's a Classroom
From Guatemala to the Philippines to India, SPU students are taking their learning experience overseas.

June 2011 | Volume 5, Issue 6
Shaping Lives That Change the World
SPU President Eaton imagines the variety of ways SPU graduates will make a difference in the world.

May 2011 | Volume 5, Issue 5
French Knights and Baseball Bats
Under the guidance and supervision of SPU professors, students from a wide range of academic disciplines develop scholarship that spreads outside of SPU.

April 2011 | Volume 5, Issue 4
Serving the World by Design
Many academic programs across campus, including Engineering, are using outcome-based approaches and hands-on scholarship to deepen their students' understanding of topics.

March 2011 | Volume 5, Issue 3
Avoiding the Sophomore Slump
Because a college degree opens many opportunities in life, it's important for students to work through the difficulties of the sophomore year so they can graduate.

February 2011 | Volume 5, Issue 2
How to Inspire Students? Collaborate
Discover collaborations that are equipping -- and exciting -- students to meet real needs in the world.

January 2011 | Volume 5, Issue 1
Blurring the Lines
Find out how Professor Stephen Michael Newby and other SPU faculty members blur the traditional lines of learning through collaborative, innovative projects.


December 2010 | Volume 4, Issue 7
A Taste of SPU
As you and your family gather this Christmas season, how should you make sense of your student's feast of experiences?

November 2010 | Volume 4, Issue 6
Getting on the Same Page
SPU's new online Lectio: Guided Bible Reading program is helping people around the world study Scripture together.

October 2010 | Volume 4, Issue 5
How SPU Students Minister to One Another
Students share ways they encourage and support each other.

September 2010 | Volume 4, Issue 4
At the Heart of What We Do
SPU President Philip Eaton discusses what's at the center of SPU's work with its students.

Summer 2010 | Volume 4, Issue 3
The Leading Edge
What makes for good leadership development? Five SPU staff members share their insights for helping students learn how to take the lead.

Spring 2010 | Volume 4, Issue 2
Reaping the Benefits
Elementary school teacher Hannah Tchobanoff ’00 donates monthly to SPU. So do her parents. Find out why a decade later this family continues to give to SPU.

Winter 2010 | Volume 4, Issue 1
Sunny With a Chance of Sleet
Christmastime can bring constantly changing weather patterns. The same can be said for a student's college experience.


Autumn 2009 | Volume 3, Issue 4
SPU: The Place Where World Change Begins
What is it that makes this campus -- these buildings, trees, classrooms, residence halls, study spaces, locker rooms, and more -- so special?

Summer 2009 | Volume 3, Issue 3
SPU Graduates: Ready to Engage
Unemployment is at a 25-year high. But these SPU graduates are poised for the challenges of the new economic landscape.

Spring 2009 | Volume 3, Issue 2
SPU's Noteworthy Degree
Find out more about SPU's newest degree - and why it's got students whistling a happy tune.

Winter 2009 | Volume 3, Issue 1
Season's Changes
A lot can change during the first quarter in college. Find out how to support students during this transition.


Autumn 2008 | Volume 2, Issue 3
Sustainability at SPU
Learn more about SPU's efforts to increase sustainability.

Summer 2008 | Volume 2, Issue 2
New Major Has Global Impact
Discover how SPU's newest academic major will equip students to change the world.

Spring 2008 | Volume 2, Issue 1
Reconciled: A Gospel Symphony
Seattle Pacific University's Gospel Choir and Wind Symphony again join forces to present a memorable concert and worship experience.


Autumn 2007 | Volume 1, Issue 1
Partners in Your Student's Journey
Parents are vitally important to us at Seattle Pacific University. We view you as partners with us in the educational journey that your student is taking.

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