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2014-2015 Housing Sign-Up


Class or work conflict. If you are unable to attend a sign-up event, you must provide your roommate with a signed Room and Meal Plan Contract and a letter authorizing him or her to make your housing decision in your absence. Please do not miss class to attend a sign-up event.

If your roommate cancels. You will have one week from the date Housing Services receives notice of the cancellation to request an eligible roommate to fill the space. The replacement must have an equal or greater number of points. After one week, Housing Services will assume responsibility for assigning a student to your unit. If your roommate cancels after August 8, you will automatically be assigned a roommate and notified when a placement is made.

If attending an Autumn Quarter study program. You may apply for Winter Quarter housing by submitting a Room and Meal Plan Contract before you leave. We are unable to hold a space open for you Autumn Quarter, but priority will be given to your assignment when you return. To update your roommate-matching preferences, visit spu.edu/housingapp. Be specific about your preferences in the notes section, and we will do our best to honor them. You will be notified of your assignment during Christmas Break.

You may also try to find an eligible student who will be a resident for Autumn Quarter only, in whose space you can return to Winter Quarter. If you make this type of arrangement, please email housing@spu.edu with the details.

Future campus construction plans. Various campus offices and residential facilities are occasionally impacted by construction projects. Please consider this when making your housing selection for next year. Visit spu.edu/depts/facman for information on this and other projects (click on "Projects").


Send questions or comments to: housing@spu.edu | Housing Information: (206) 281-2188
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