At Seattle Pacific, you encounter an on-campus living experience unlike any other. 

Here, your residence hall is more than a place you live: it's where you learn, grow, forge life-long friendships, and pursue your calling. It's where you find academic support, life-changing community events, and leaders who will help you transition to college and prepare for your future.

Each year, your experience will be tailored to where you are in your college journey.

Welcome to the SPU Living Experience.
Welcome home.

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Develop academic skills

  • Trained students living in your residence hall who help you transition to college-level academics
  • Support in developing time management and study strategies
  • Learning in community during regular study room sessions
  • Events in your living area on academic skills 
  • Personalized tutoring through the Center for Learning

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Connect to community

  • Regular shared meals and exciting events with your hall-mates
  • Opportunities to connect with staff and faculty
  • Overnight retreats in beautiful Pacific Northwest locations
  • Living area events promoting cultural sharing and understanding 

students praying

  • Spiritual and prayer support in your living area from student leaders and University Ministries
  • Small groups and worship nights
  • Opportunities to serve on and off campus
  • Resources for finding a church in Seattle
  • Health and wellness support from Health Services and the Student Counseling Center

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Find your vocation and calling

  • On-site student leaders to guide you in planning for your career
  • Curriculum designed to help you discern your vocation and calling
  • Career preparation events from the Center for Career and Calling
  • Support in selecting a major and classes
  • Resources to find internships and jobs

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Develop as a leader

  • Mentorship from leaders who have been in your shoes
  • Leadership opportunities that will grow and challenge you
  • Opportunity to participate in SPU's Leadership Studies Minor

outdoor service
Grow in faith and engage the culture

  • Continued faith support with a focus on spiritual practices
  • Resources to explore the intersections of faith and real life (e.g. mental health, dating, social justice, vocation)
  • Events that foster multicultural understanding and community
  • Engagement with current issues in Seattle through the John Perkins Center at SPU

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Prepare for life after college

  • Option to live in SPU's Campus Houses and Apartments, or live off-campus
  • Connections to professionals in your career through SPU's Mentor Program
  • Support in finding internships and work/research positions
  • Support in searching for post-graduation jobs

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Continue to develop as a leader

  • Opportunities to lead first- and second-year students 
  • Support in pursuing off-campus leadership positions
  • Option to complete SPU's Leadership Studies minor

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Give back to the community

  • Hands-on service opportunities to use your knowledge and skills to serve the world around you
  • Access to service and leadership positions through the John Perkins Center at SPU
  • Connections in the city of Seattle and beyond

Resident Advisors (RAs)

RAs are your go-to student leaders for any questions you have about college life! They are also the community leaders of your residence hall floor, planning events and activities to bring you and your hall-mates closer together.

Student Ministry Coordinators (SMCs)

SMCs help foster spiritual growth in residence halls. They lead prayer and worship sessions, plan service opportunities, and connect students to the many discipleship and service resources in University Ministries. They are always available for conversation!

Peer Academic Coaches (first-year halls only)

These student leaders host study sessions and workshops to help you sharpen your study skills, prepare for tests, and succeed in college. They’re also available for tutoring or connecting you with other academic resources from SPU's Center for Learning.

Peer Career Counselors (second-year halls only)

These leaders are career experts from SPU’s Center for Career and Calling. They provide support in choosing your career path, discerning your calling, finding internships and work experience, and choosing classes that will help you reach your goals.

Hall Councils

Hall Councils are groups of students selected to provide leadership for their residence halls. As part of your Hall Council, you'll be able to address issues, initiate change, and plan events for your hall. This is a great leadership development opportunity!

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