What is Raise.me and How Do I Get Micro-Scholarships?

Seattle Pacific University partners with Raise.me, a nationwide platform, to provide micro-scholarships for high school students.

Beginning in the 9th grade, you can start earning scholarships for specific achievements. Get an “A” in biology? That’s $400. Hold a leadership position? You can earn $200. Take an AP course? That’s $1,000 each.

What is a micro-scholarship?

A micro-scholarship is an amount of money that students can earn based on specific achievements made in grades 9-12. They are awarded by colleges and universities who partner with Raise.me.

How do I claim my Raise.me scholarships?

Start by creating an account with Raise.me.

Are these real scholarships?

Yes. The Raise.me scholarships you earn represent the minimum scholarship package that SPU will offer-- and you could be awarded even more depending upon your qualifications! (Note: Raise.me scholarship funds are not stackable on top of the scholarships you receive from SPU.)

What is the maximum I can earn?

You can earn up to $14,000 per year for the Raise.me portion of your total SPU financial aid package.

Who is eligible?

Current high school students from across the United States, including homeschooled students and U.S. citizens attending high school abroad.

Who is not eligible?

Students who have already graduated from high school, or who are international students. To quality for Raise.me, you must submit your high school academic criteria by November 1 of your senior year in high school.

What is the minimum GPA needed to qualify?

You will need at least a 3.0 GPA.

Have more questions? Visit the Raise.me Q&A.