Degree Types and Tassel Colors

Bachelor of Business and Economics (color: drab)

  • Accounting
  • Business Administration
  • Economics (color: copper)

Bachelor of Education (color: light blue)

  • Integrated Studies (or choose a tassel in the area of your Integrated Studies Concentration)
  • Special Education

If you are receiving a teaching certificate, you may wear both an education tassel and a tassel for your major.

Bachelor of Electrical Engineering (color: gold)

  • Electrical Engineering (See Bachelor of Natural and Mathematical Sciences for General Engineering)

Bachelor of Family Consumer Sciences (color: maroon)

  • Clothing and Textiles
  • Food and Nutrition
  • Interior Design
  • Individual and Family Development
  • Secondary FCS Teacher Certification

Bachelor of Fine and Performing Arts (color: brown)

  • Art
  • Integrated Studies: The Arts (or choose Education)
  • Theatre

Bachelor of Fine and Performing Arts Music (color: pink)

  • Music
  • Music Therapy

Bachelor of Humanities (color: white)

  • Classics
  • Communication and Journalism
  • English
  • Foreign Languages and Literatures
  • Integrated Studies: Language Arts (or choose Education)
  • Philosophy (color: dark blue)
  • Social Justice and Cultural Studies

Bachelor of Natural and Mathematical Sciences (color: gold)

  • Biology — all majors in this department (e.g., Ecology, Physiology)
  • Chemistry and Biochemistry
  • Computer Science
  • Engineering, General (color: orange)
  • Integrated Studies: Mathematics (or choose Education)
  • Integrated Studies: Natural Sciences (or choose Education)
  • Mathematics
  • Physical Sciences (3/2 program)
  • Physics

Bachelor of Nursing (color: apricot)

  • Nursing

Bachelor of Physical Education (color: sage green)

  • Exercise Science
  • Integrated Studies: Health and Fitness (or choose Education)
  • Health and Fitness Education

Bachelor of Religion (color: scarlet)

  • Educational Ministry
  • Christian Theology

Bachelor of Social and Behavioral Sciences (color: citron)

  • Global Development Studies
  • History
  • Integrated Studies: Social Sciences (or choose Education)
  • Political Science and Geography
  • Psychology
  • Sociology

If you are completing a Student-Designed major, choose a tassel that corresponds to the department through which you completed most of the courses in the major.

If you are completing the Professional Studies major, choose a tassel corresponding with the department under which your minor was completed.

Posted: Tuesday, December 10, 2013