Communication, Journalism, and Film Department

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Are you drawn to excellence in communication? Are you interested in cultivating your written and verbal communication skills? Would you like to increase your understanding and implementation of effective communication? By offering you training, experience, and inspiration in the art of communicating well, the Communication, Journalism, and Film Department prepares you for just about any career — from ministry to law, from media operations to news reporting.


In courses offered in the Communication, Journalism, and Film Department, you will investigate communication as a social and intellectual process. You will view communication as a shaper of history, examine speech as an art form and a tool, and study journalism and film as a responsible human behavior. 

Through your courses you will gain understanding, ethical frameworks, and skills to manage your conduct as a compelling communicator in both mediated and unmediated forms — whether you are majoring in Communication or in any other field of study offered at Seattle Pacific.  

We offer the Communication major, which lets you choose from two tracks — Communication Studies or Journalism. Whichever major track you choose, you’ll benefit from a leading communication program.

We offer a Communication minor and a Journalism minor — both of which you can combine with just about any major the University offers.

Our urban location offers you opportunities for internships in businesses, schools, newspapers, news stations, and more. You can also work on The Falcon, our award-winning student newspaper.

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What Can You Do With a Communication Degree?

Our thousands of Communication and Journalism alumni have gone on to careers in just about every profession, including:

  • Media operations officer
  • Nonprofit attorney
  • Singer, model, actress
  • Pro basketball player
  • Communication professor

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