Faculty Profile

Patrick McDonald

Patrick McDonald

Professor of Philosophy

Email: mcdonp@spu.edu
Phone: 206-281-2338
Office: Marston Hall 215

Education: BA, Seattle University, 1992; MA, University of Notre Dame, 1997; PhD, University of Notre Dame, 2001. At SPU since 2001.

Dr. Patrick McDonald's areas of expertise includes Philosophy of Science, Science and Religion, Philosophy of Religion, and the History of Philosophy (he also teaches Ancient Philosophy, Medieval Philosophy, and Continental Philosophy).

Selected Publications

"In Defense of Simonian Science" (with David Diekema), Faith and Philosophy 33 (2016): 74-93.

"Fr. Ernan McMullin on Evolutionary Biology and a Theology of the Human." American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly 86 (2012): 355-367.

"Naturalistic Methodology in an Emerging Scientific Psychology: Lotze and Fechner in the Balance," Zygon 43 (2008): 605-625.

"Demonstration by Simulation: The Philosophical Significance of Experiment in Hemholtz's Theory of Perception," Perspectives on Science 11 (2003): 170-207.