Abilities Advocacy Club**

The Abilities Advocacy Club is the student organization that DSS advises when students activate its club status. 

You may be interested in getting involved if you:

  • Are a student with a disability
  • Are a student concerned about issues of accessibility, mental illness, and stigma
  • Take part in the diversity & reconciliation conversations on campus, and want to get more involved

If you are interested in activating and organizing this club, or would like more information, please email dss@spu.edu.

The goals of the AAC are to create a safe environment for students to talk about what it feels like to have a disability at SPU and to promote campus awareness regarding accessibility issues and the stigma surrounding disabilities.

** Currently this club is not active, but if you would like to restart this as an officer for the club please contact DSS by email through dss@spu.edu or phone 206.281.2272