Student Rights and Responsibilities

You, as an SPU student with a disability, have rights to access, accommodation, and assistance, as well as a responsibility to adhere to SPU policies and procedures.

You Have a Right

  • To not be denied access due to a disability, according to the law.
  • To receive reasonable accommodations that provide equal opportunity.
  • To receive assistance from the DSS office in removing physical, academic and attitudinal barriers.
  • To have access to auxiliary aids/assistive technology, as available to other students.
  • To not be discriminated against due to a disability or receive any retaliatory discrimination, as protected by law.
  • To not be counseled toward “more restrictive career objectives.”

You Have a Responsibility

  • To identify yourself to the DSS office.
  • To provide documentation of your disability.
  • To participate in an intake interview with the DSS manager to initiate services.
  • To initiate specific accommodations through our accommodation agreement.
  • To assume personal responsibility for meeting with your faculty and requesting additional assistance.
  • To meet the time deadlines set forth in your accommodation agreement.
  • To provide for your personal independent living needs or other personal disability-related needs.

Discrimination Grievance Procedures

Internal complaints

If you feel you have been discriminated against because of a disability or a perceived disability, you should refer to the SPU nondiscrimination policy. This policy outlines the University’s nondiscrimination policy, as well as internal grievance procedures if you suspect discrimination.

External (OCR) complaints

Students are encouraged to follow the internal grievance procedure in an attempt to resolve complaints. However, students can file a grievance with the Office of Civil Rights (OCR) at any time.

Ordinarily, the time limit for filing a complaint with OCR is 180 days from the time the incident occurred. View information on how to file a grievance with OCR.