Academic Coaching

We care about both your health and your academic work! We are developing plans for offering Academic Coaching in varied formats for Spring Quarter 2020. Check back here for updates. 

If you have questions or concerns, feel free to contact us at or 206-281-2475.

An appointment with a professional staff member can help you discover study strategies targeted to your specific needs and learning style.

Individual Academic Coaching

If you want to improve your performance in a particular course, or have specific academic concerns, one-on-one academic coaching appointments are available.  Application is always made to your current course work.

Study skills sessions can cover topics such as:

  • Managing time and tasks
  • Note taking
  • Reading strategies
  • Participating in class discussion
  • Preparing for exams
  • Test taking strategies
  • Dealing with test anxiety
  • Completing class projects

Call 206-281-2475 to schedule an appointment, or email for more information.

Study skills

Study skills classes and workshops

Success Skills for College (GS 1001) is a two-credit class offered Winter and Spring Quarters. In this class you explore time management, note-taking skills, exam strategies, learning styles, and university resources and expectations. All topics covered include practical learning activities with individualized application. Check the 2018–19 time schedule to see when GS1001 is offered.

Learning Strategies Workshops are offered upon request on topics such as test-taking strategies, stress management, time management, and note taking. E-mail the Center for Learning ( for more information.

Study Skills Resources - Learn to study smarter with these resources from the Center for Learning!

Questions welcome here!

Stop by Lower Moyer to learn more, or call us at 206-281-2475 to schedule an appointment.

Meet the tutors in the CFL

Here’s where you can meet the tutors now helping students at the CFL study tables.