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Need help with a challenging course? The CFL can help you connect with tutoring resources.

Group Tutoring

The Center for Learning offers free, tutor-led study tables for introductory courses in:

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Math
  • Psychology/Sociology

Trained peer-tutors are here to answer questions about class content and recommend effective study strategies. Learn more about drop-in tutoring with the CFL.

Private Pay Tutoring

Sometimes you want a private tutor. The CFL also offers access to Tutor Matching Services, a third party provider that connects you with private tutors who are SPU students as well as tutors from other universities. Hourly rates vary.

Look through your syllabus and notice which assignments and tests impact your final grade. Be sure to do those well. If you fall behind, start with what is currently due and then go back and catch up.

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Connect to CFL Zoom Tutoring on Penji

Use your SPU username and password to sign-up for a Penji account.