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Study Tables With Tutors

For Spring 2020, tutor-led Study Tables will be held remotely via Zoom.

How to Sign Up for Zoom Study Tables

  • Study Tables will be begin on Monday, April 13
  • Sign up using your SPU email (
  • For each subject, sign up for no more than two 40 minute sessions per day (subject to change)
  • If you have trouble signing up, contact the CFL at

What to Expect

  • Online Study Tables will be a place to study with peer tutors and other students via Zoom
  • Each Study Table will include one tutor and two students from your subject area
  • Study Tables sessions will be 40 minutes long
  • If you need more help after 40 minutes, sign up for a later Study Tables session, work with friends online, or contact your faculty member

How to Attend

  • Tutor will send a link to Zoom Study Tables session 10 minutes before session starts
  • Log into the session using Zoom meeting line
  • Zoom Study Tables Etiquette:
    • Come with specific questions or topics to review
    • Don’t record sessions; Tutors won’t either
    • Avoid taking phone calls

Where to Be/What to Bring

  • Find (or make) a quiet space where you can hear and be heard
  • Choose a school-like spot (with a desk for example) to help your focus
  • Use a computer or tablet rather than a phone (if possible) so that it is easier to see and work on interactive whiteboards
  • Bring your textbook, class notes, and assignments (which can be shared via your screen or camera)

Schedule Spring Quarter 2020

Study Tables will be offered for the following courses:

General Biology (BIO 2102, 2103, 2571)

Chemistry (CHM 1110, 1212, 1213, 1360, 2213)

Mathematics (MAT 0144, 0145, 1221, 1235, 1236, 1300, 1521, 2360)

Psychology/Sociology/Criminology (PSY 1180, PSY/SOC/CRIM 2360)

Center for Learning Zoom Study Tables with pictures of phone, computer, and tablet

Signup for Study Tables

Trained peer tutors will host Zoom Study Tables where you can ask questions, do homework, or study for exams.

This service is free.

Meet the tutors

Learn about the Center for Learning’s tutoring staff and their interests in and out of the classroom.

Tutor Matching Services

Looking for a private tutor?

Learn about Tutor Matching Services and access to remote private tutoring for Spring 2020.