Fremont Street Sign
Is Fremont the “Center of the Universe”? You decide. Photos by Nick Onken.
Funky Fremont
So Much to Love!
Fremont, just .84 miles, a seven-minute walk from the Seattle Pacific University campus, is one of Seattle’s most beloved and quirky neighborhoods. Full of eclectic galleries, boutique shopping, fabulous eateries, and local coffee haunts, this colorful community has been embraced by many an SPU student.
In addition to more than its fair share of cozy cafes and antique shops packed with vintage treasures, the self-proclaimed “Center of the Universe” boasts the world’s most active drawbridge (seriously!) and its own three-humans-tall, six-humans-wide concrete troll (no kidding — a troll)! Needless to say, Fremont is not lacking in personality.
When in Fremont, do as the Seattleites do:
Fremont Sunday Market — This year-round, European-style street fair and flea market features more than 150 vendors selling everything from organic produce to vintage records and hand-crafted jewelry. (North 34th & Evanston)
Fremont Outdoor Cinema — On Saturday nights in the summer months (June–August), enjoy cult favorites (Grease and Shaun of the Dead, among others) projected up on the side of a brick wall. Good times will ensue! (North 35th & Phinney Ave.)
The Troll — You can’t come this far and not take a picture in front of the Aurora Bridge Troll! This massive creature is devouring a VW bug — come on, that’s priceless. (Under the Aurora Bridge at 36th St.)
First Saturday Art Walk — The Art Walk features local artists at work on — you guessed it — the first Saturday of the month. A favorite is the Edge of Glass Gallery where you can watch students and teachers blowing glass. (36th St. & Evanston)
Fremont News — This little shop has every magazine you could ever imagine! From niche hobbies to international locales — you’ll be absorbed with something off the racks, if you can commit to just one, that is. (Fremont Ave. after 36th St.)
Postmark Gelato — Sit outside next to the mosaic fountain and enjoy creamy gelato or an authentic panini sandwich. (Fremont Ave. & 36th St.)
Paseo’s Caribbean Restaurant — This little hole-in-the-wall may be off the beaten path, but the Cuban barbecued pork sandwiches are famous for good reason! You have to pay with cash, and there is limited seating — but it doesn’t matter, because the food is that good! (Fremont Ave. & 43rd St.)
By Lindsey Bickel
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