SPU Intramural Sports
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Get in the Game

Welcome to the world of intramural sports — where bonding happens, practices don’t, and anyone can play.


With 32 leagues, 15 sports, and 60–70 percent of the student body involved, Seattle Pacific University has Washington state’s largest intramural program for a private university. “I’m sure we could match up to any school our size nationwide and be on top,” says intramural director of 29 years, Howie Kellogg.

He still gets asked how the University achieves such high participation rates. Kellogg says it’s simple: “I try to recognize the students the best I can.”
He tallies points, posts winners, and features student teams on the SPU intramural website. Teams are categorized by skill level and residence hall floors.
“This really helps floors to bond,” Kellogg says. “There’s no other event — other than food — that brings floors together like this does.” Students say it’s more than the recognition; there’s just something about the camaraderie, the sweat, and the pure competition that keeps them signing up year after year.
Take junior Lindsey Mitchell, for example. Even a broken hand couldn’t keep her from playing floor hockey this season. “Oh, it’s brutal out there,” she says. “I was injured a few times. I’ve been stepped on and stabbed with a hockey stick. But it’s worth it.” And the end result?
Her team, E-Z Company, was undefeated and won their second co-ed championship in a row, earning them a prominent spot on the intramurals website — the Stanley Cup of the SPU intramural hockey world.
Photography Gallery

By Julia Nicholls, Photos By Nick Onken, Luke Rutan, and Jon Warren
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