Carolyn Nason
Photo by Luke Rutan.
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For each issue, we pluck an unsuspecting student from campus and ask him or her to give you honest answers to your questions about Seattle Pacific University, going to college, and living in Seattle.
Meet SPU Expert: Carolyn Nason
Hometown: Broomfield, Colo.
Year: Senior
Residence Hall: I’ve lived in Ashton and Robbins, but I’m venturing off campus for my senior year.
Hobbies: Soccer! I have a scholarship to play for SPU.
Where exactly is SPU?
Seattle Pacific University is in Seattle, Washington. The campus is located on Queen Anne Hill, which is a quaint neighborhood just minutes — a short bus ride — from downtown Seattle. The cool thing about SPU, well, Seattle in general, is that it is surrounded by water — the Puget Sound on one side and Lake Washington on the other. Beautiful and so fun! Just a couple miles from campus there is a beach, Golden Gardens, where we have bonfires and play volleyball. I’m from Colorado, so the water is great.
What was your favorite class last year?
My favorite class was “Introduction to Educational Ministries,” taught by Dr. Ed Smyth. I was challenged academically, and I was challenged to live my Christian faith in a more obvious way. Every single class period had an impact on me. We discussed and evaluated the different elements that impact the church’s teaching ministry: theological, historical, philosophical, etc. Dr. Smyth not only taught and inspired us to live our lives as a reflection of our faith, but he also taught in such a way that it was clearly a reflection of how he lives his own life beyond the classroom.
What do you do besides go to class?
One of the best parts of college life is the stuff you get to do outside of class! I love to take the bus downtown and go to Pike Place Market, or just hang out with friends.  Some friends and I joined a Seattle City League soccer team, so we play games on the weekend and then usually get ice cream or go to dinner afterward. Living in Seattle, there is always a lot to do.
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Does it really rain all the time in Seattle?
That is probably the biggest myth about Seattle. It does rain, but usually it is just a mist or sprinkling.  I was worried about the rain, too, but, honestly, it doesn’t stop anyone from doing anything. And when the sun is out, the city is so beautiful, it’s worth the wait!
How much time do you spend studying?
On average, I probably spend about 20 hours a week studying. There are more long-term assignments, group projects, and papers than daily busywork, which was different than high school for me. I mean it all depends on your major and your professors, I guess — but I’m probably pretty average.
How important is it to visit a campus?
I think a campus visit is vital to deciding which school to attend. There is so much to a university: academics, of course — as well as athletics, campus ministries, housing, dining, and student activities. The community is important to experience firsthand, because it is all these things together that create an environment unique to each individual school. You want to choose a school where you feel like the campus life fits you best, as well as a place where you can see yourself contributing. If you haven’t come to SPU, you really should! I am slightly biased, because I chose SPU, but I love it.
Do I have to schedule an interview as part of my application for admission?
You don’t have to schedule an interview, but SPU recommends it. Basically, the interview is a chance for the admissions counselors to get to know you better. This really works in your favor. You’ll get to know them and can ask questions in person. It’s also an opportunity for the counselors to put a face with a name and an application — and it’s always good to stand out from the crowd!
How is the dining hall at SPU? Do you like it?
Gwinn Commons is the greatest! It serves all kinds of food — I love the deli-style sandwiches, and the chocolate chip cookies are to die for. But Gwinn is just one of the places to eat on campus. There is also Corner Place Market — we all call it the C-Store — which has a Subway inside. And there’s Falcon’s Landing, which is a restaurant/grill complete with a Starbucks espresso stand. One thing you do not need to worry about is food!
How do I get involved on campus?
There are so many things to do and so many ways to get involved on campus. Every residence hall has a hall council, and it plans activities and events — and that’s a great way to get to know new people. The Office of Campus Ministries has an Urban Involvement program that has tons of different ministries doing things all over Seattle. If you want to get involved, it will not be a problem. As for me, I play soccer, and that keeps me really busy, but I’m also involved in a service group called the Falconettes, and I’ve gone on the Quest service trip.
Falconettes is the oldest club on campus. It serves the women students on campus and consists of upper-class women who are dedicated to community service, leadership and prayer.
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