Cory Shepherd
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Meet SPU Expert: Cory Shepherd
Hometown: Monmouth, Maine
Year: Junior
Major: Business
Residence Hall: I lived in Ashton Hall my freshman year, served as a student ministry coordinator in Emerson Hall my sophomore year, and this year I am a peer advisor in an on-campus apartment building.
Hobbies: I love to read, play tennis, and go running. I’m currently training for the Seattle Half Marathon. I am also a student academic mentor this fall, and active in Centurions, an all-men’s service organization on campus.
How do you pay for SPU? Elyse, Bothell, WA
For me, it is a combination of scholarships, grants, and student loans.  My parents helped me out a little bit my freshman year, but since then I have been paying for SPU on my own. It can definitely be done!
Has SPU had an effect on your Christian faith? How have you grown at SPU? Mark, San Mateo, CA
My time here at SPU has had a profound effect on my faith. When I came to SPU, my parents were no longer around to prompt me to go to church or read my Bible, so I had to choose — would I let those things go, or would I take it to the next level and make my faith my own? The SPU community really supported me along the way by creating an atmosphere that has encouraged me to explore my relationship with Jesus and my place within the Christian tradition.
Do you like living in Seattle? Sarah, Mylapore, India
I can say in all honesty, I love living in Seattle.  I am from a small town in Maine, so I appreciate the mild winters here. (Not to mention, it’s hilarious listening to my friends from California complain about being “cold” in January!)  I also really love the laid-back Pacific Northwest lifestyle that Seattle fully embraces.
What is Early Action all about? Bryn, Kent, WA
I actually applied through the Early Action Plan myself, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who considers SPU one of their first choices.  Early Action means you apply to SPU in the fall, and then you will know if you’ve been accepted in January. I can’t tell you how great it was to know exactly what I was doing and where I was going while all my friends were stressing out and scrambling to finish applications. Another benefit is that since Housing Services and Student Financial Services give priority based on your application date, applying through Early Action gives you the best chance at getting your residence hall of choice, scholarships, and financial aid.
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As far as academics go, how is college different than high school? Jared, Newport, WA
In college, professors are no longer baby-sitters.  They are not going to keep tabs on you and whether or not you are keeping up with the reading or other assignments. My SPU professors are absolutely willing to help if someone is struggling, but the responsibility for your education in college falls solely on you.
Did you know what your major would be when you were a freshman? Caroline, Manhattan, MT
I did — but I’m not in the majority! I actually decided I would major in business during my junior year of high school.  I had been heavily involved in the Future Business Leaders of America, and it slowly dawned on me that all the great experiences I was having throughout high school could be my focus in college.  Don’t think that I had everything figured out, though — the beauty of the business major is that I could confidently tell everyone what my major would be while still having no idea whatsoever what I would do with that major.  I am only now, as a junior, beginning to figure out the path I will take after college.
What are the professors like at SPU? Who is your favorite? David, Exeter, CA
The professors here at SPU are masters of their disciplines who genuinely care about their students.  I know it sounds like a line, but honestly it is the truth. The majority of them are more than willing, if not eager, to have lunch with students in the dining hall or talk about class over coffee in the SUB (Student Union Building). I don’t have enough space to mention all the professors that deserve to be mentioned here.
What is it like living in the SPU residence halls? Keely, Littleton, CO
Living in residence halls is truly an amazing experience. As a peer advisor this year, I can attest to the amount of work that the Residence Life staff puts into creating close-knit communities in the residence halls. When it comes right down to it, though, I think living in the residence halls will be whatever you make it.

Centurions is a fellowship of male students who meet weekly to explore Christian masculinity on the SPU campus, and the service that such identity demands. The club sponsors several events throughout the year and consists of approximately 40 upper-class students who have been accepted into membership based on their demonstration of leadership, scholarship and character.
Early Action program at Seattle Pacific University is a nonbinding agreement for students who place SPU among their top choice schools.
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