Nate Berends Photo by Nick Onken
Inquiring Minds Want to Know …
So what do you want to know? Really. Anything.
For each issue, we pluck an unsuspecting student from campus and ask him or her to give you honest answers to your questions about Seattle Pacific University, going to college, and living in Seattle.
Meet SPU Expert: Nate Berends
Year: Senior
Hobbies: Video production, playing music (on any instrument I can get my hands on)
Clubs: Chapel Worship Arts Ensemble (coordinator), student government (media tech), Fronesis Society (a philosophy group)
Travel: I spent the summer in Alaska. That’s good travel, right? Also, I’ve made a number of trips to New Orleans while working on a documentary about post-Katrina New Orleans and the near-stagnant recovery efforts in certain neighborhoods. Check out if you’re interested!
How are you paying for college? Jay Kaycee, Bellevue, WA
The short answer: On Uncle Sam’s and Sally Mae’s coattails. The longer answer: I am the youngest of seven kids, and my twin brother and I are the last ones to go to college. This means I have federal and private grants and loans, and I work a part-time job throughout both the summer and school year. All told, I think that the money for each quarter I spend at SPU comes from nine different places. If I can recommend anything, it would be to look high and low for every bit of money you can find. I know for a fact that there are scholarships and loans out there.
What activities are there to do on campus? Alfredo Amaya, Los Angeles, CA
There are tons — more than you’ll ever have time to explore! We have more than 50 clubs (, various publications and media outlets, service and ministry organizations, and campus chapters of a number of professional organizations. And the best part of all? If you think there should be some sort of club or activity on campus that doesn’t already exist, you can petition the student government for money to start it!
Was the transition into college difficult for you? Why or why not? Julia Huerta, Beaverton, OR
Living away from home hasn’t been easy by any means, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. If I can recommend anything in terms of easing the transition to college, I would stress the significance of plugging into community right away. It’s easy to think that you’re the only one who is having x-y-or-z issue with the transition. My experience says that’s not the case — most people are in the very same boat when they get to campus. Embrace it!
Are there jobs available on campus? Candy Marin, North Highlands, CA
Yes! There are student jobs in most of the different academic departments, administrative offices, and dining facilities. Even a few positions in the student government are compensated. What’s more, the Career Development Center hosts a job fair on campus during the first few weeks of each quarter with all sorts of different jobs, both on- and off-campus. It was at one of these job fairs that I got a job first for the Seattle Supersonics — now in Oklahoma — and then the Seattle Seahawks.
What makes SPU different from other Christian colleges or universities? Laura Carroll, Charlotte, NC
In my opinion, part of our distinctiveness is the broad range of Christian traditions and denominations that are represented here. For example, we are among a few schools in the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities who have professors who are Christians in the Catholic and Eastern Orthodox churches.
Are there any churches or youth groups close to the campus? Kristi Lynn, Leavenworth, WA
A great many — one is across the street! My church of about 70 people is held in a community theatre in the Greenwood neighborhood, and I have definitely found a home there. Seattle has small churches and huge churches. One of SPU’s greatest advantages is the fact that we’re in the heart of a city with more to offer than anyone can fully appreciate in four years.
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