SPU Senior Ryan Putnam
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For each issue, we pluck an unsuspecting student from campus and ask him or her to give you honest answers to your questions about Seattle Pacific University, going to college, and living in Seattle.
Meet SPU Expert: Ryan Putnam
Hometown: Evergreen, Colorado
Year: Senior
Major: Theatre.
Campus Living: I lived on 6th Hill for my first year-and-a-half and then moved off campus.
Travel: I went on a SPRINT (Seattle Pacific Reachout International) trip to Indonesia last summer.
Hobbies: Snowshoeing, bike riding, snowboarding, playing guitar, skiing, going to concerts, watching a ton of movies (if that counts as a hobby), and, of course, hanging out with my friends.
Why did you choose theatre as your major? Elizabeth Russell, Bellingham, WA
Theatre’s always made me feel alive. I came to SPU not really knowing what to study and decided to audition for the first two shows of the season. I was cast in the Homecoming show “A Man for All Seasons.” The experience was great, and I slowly became more involved. Finally, at the end of my freshman year, I was cast in University Players, a six-member acting troupe, and I decided to be a theatre major after that.
What do you do when not studying, and how much of your day is spent hitting the books? Max Gordinier, Portland, OR
Well, for me it really depends on the quarter. I spend a lot of my daytime studying and that allows my night to be pretty open. Last quarter I would spend at least three to four hours a day outside class working on homework, but this quarter seems lighter. Outside of schoolwork, I am usually rehearsing for a show, watching movies, or playing games with my friends.
Did you visit SPU? How important do you think college visits really are? Grace Afsari, Northridge, CA
Boy did I! That was a huge factor in my decision. I came up for the weekend with my Dad and fell in love with SPU. My experience visiting colleges became really important because — believe it or not — the campus can tell you a lot. I felt at ease when I came to visit because the people were so nice, the day was beautiful, and the classroom visit was great. My Dad came with me, and it was fun to sit in on a business class and learn a thing or two. Before making your final decision, visit! It might change your perspective.
What clubs or organizations are available to join on campus? Keith Hummel, Ridgefield, WA
There’s always something you can do on campus. There are more than 40 clubs at Seattle Pacific, and amazing ways to be involved in floor activities and the dorms. Organizations range from Acting on AIDS, which helps inform students about the HIV/AIDS pandemic through forums and campus events, to Rugby Club for both male and female students. There are also great intramural sports that you can join to relax and get to know people. To see a complete list of organizations, check out www.spu.edu/clubs.
Do you have questions about university life? Oh, come on — you know you have questions! We’re here to help. We’ve got SPU students lining up to tell it like it is. Submit any thoughts, concerns, or questions to etc@spu.edu.
What is your favorite off-campus thing to do? Caitlyn Davis, Alamitos, CA
One of my favorite off-campus things to do is go to the Capitol Hill neighborhood and eat at this little chocolate restaurant called Dilettante. Best mousse in the city. I also love just going downtown, whether it’s to watch a movie or hang out down at the Waterfront and Pioneer Square. There’s also a lake nearby that I love to run/walk around called Green Lake. I ran around it all the time when I trained for a marathon last summer.
What is the best entrée on campus? Rae Woodbury, Beaver, OR
I have to say the salmon. It has great flavor and is always cooked just right.
How do you let your Christian faith show in your acting? Erika Wilkins, Watsonville, CA
For me, theatre is a way to worship God with my talents. With that in mind, I act to show God glory and show him respect with my art. It’s also important to be able to understand that the roles that I play do not influence who I am. If I play a bad guy, I know that when the play is done I find my identity in Christ and don’t identify who I am by the roles I play.
What is the biggest adjustment you have had to make, living in Washington? Jessica Tracy, Riverside, CA
Some students say “adjusting to all the rain,” but I haven’t had that problem. One of the hardest things for me was the traffic. Silly, huh? But in all honesty, I found a great group of friends right away, the weather never seemed to get to me, and I loved the city from day one. The hardest thing has been the traffic; avoid I-5 at all costs.
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