Stephen Rikard Photo by Nick Onken

Inquiring Minds Want to Know

So what do you want to know? Really. Anything.

We ask students to answer your questions because — let’s face it — they know best what it’s like to be a student at Seattle Pacific University.

Meet SPU Expert: Stephen Rickard
Hometown: San Diego, California
Year: Junior
Major: English-creative writing, music minor
Hobbies: Music, film, literature, family, and freedom
Clubs: I did Hall Council this year in Emerson Residence Hall.
Travel: My family does a lot of traveling. My favorite memories are driving all along the Irish coast, a day trip to Morocco, and seeing my dad’s hometown of Marburg, Germany.

What about SPU has changed you the most? Maya Bartel, Gresham, OR

I think the biggest thing for me is living on my own and having to carry myself as an individual. Meeting new people — through groups, classes, during meals or whatever — is a constant thing. As you interact with new people, you start to know yourself more, and over time you become more comfortable with yourself.

What is the best perk about living on campus at Seattle Pacific? James Velasquez, Whittier, CA

The best perk is just getting thrown into a community. You have somewhat of a brotherhood to work with on your floors. Some other perks are being able to use other people’s stuff and being a two-minute walk from classes.

What is the social atmosphere like at your school? Shane Ochs, Orlando, FL

Socially there are many different styles or types of people that all interact and blend together very well. SPU is a grace-filled community and allows people to be who they are. Chances are you will be friends with many different groups and see familiar people wherever you go.

Does SPU have any Christian Bible study groups within campus or the dorms? Jai’Ana Pananganan, Bremerton, WA

Yes, aside from the schoolwide Tuesday Chapel and Wednesday night group (worship night), there is also a Bible study you can sign up for that meets once a week. Within the residence halls, there are often small groups as well as frequent discussions that turn up.

How much time did it take to do homework as a freshman? Taisa Boiko, Everett, WA

I suppose that depends on your classes as well as your work ethic. I think for me, mixing my literature classes with the general ed sciences, I had about an hour for each class, so three to four hours a night.

What’s a great class to take? Alyssa Curtis, Palmdale, CA

Professor Segall teaches New International Fiction, which, for someone like me who loves literature and different cultures, was really awesome. Some of the work included popular authors such as J.M. Coetzee, Salman Rushdie, and Kazuo Ishiguro — plus Segall is super awesome at working with anything the class says.

Is it hard to deal with all of the rain in Seattle? Michelle Cooper, San Diego, CA

I get enough sun in San Diego, so I find fall and winter in Seattle incredibly refreshing. The roughest times are the storms that come in the spring once you have had a taste of sunny skies. Just learn to enjoy it.

Does the campus make you feel isolated, or like a part of the city? Lauren Castle, Savannah, GA

The campus itself has become home for me. It has all the comforts and security to make you feel settled and welcome, while at the same time allowing you to be a part of the city. It really becomes your choice how much you want to stay within the campus, or to utilize its location to be within the greater Seattle culture.


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