Aurora: (left to right) Tyler Eide, Lerin Herzer, Thomas Castle, and Jonathan Post View the photos full screen or see the Flickr set to get a closer look at Aurora. Photos by Nick Onken.
Come Together: The Music of Aurora

Rock stars have a reputation of being moody and egocentric, with addictive personalities and a penchant for destruction. That’s not the case with Seattle Pacific University’s own rock-band-in-residence, Aurora.

In fact, they are quite friendly, down-to-earth, and slightly goofy; they are, in a word, normal.
Normal, besides the fact that they have
recorded and produced an album (which can be found on iTunes), frequently play gigs around Seattle, and accomplished a West Coast tour last summer. Very normal, right?

Aurora is comprised of Seattle Pacific
junior Thomas Castle on guitar, senior Tyler Eide on guitar and vocals, junior Lerin Herzer on vocals and keys, and junior Jonathan Post on percussion.
It would be lazy to sum them up as an indie rock band. Aurora has elements of haunting piano melodies inspired by film composers, interspersed with building intensities of percussion and guitar interludes. Eide’s charming voice is the thread that knits it all together.

Originally, Eide was a solo artist, writing his own songs and playing various gigs. But when the SPU Homecoming Talent Show of 2007 rolled along, he recruited the help of his musically inclined floormates, plus the skills of the effervescent and redheaded songstress Herzer. The group wowed the Talent Show audience and began to jam during the late hours of the night in Crawford Music Building, working on their first album.

How do they manage to keep up with school, the band — and jobs? “It’s hard,” says Post. “School’s enough on its own, you know?” Band practice can be tedious, but playing shows is the payoff, according to Eide. “I’d liken it to a team practicing basketball vs. the actual basketball game,” he says.

Aurora had the chance to play many a show during their West Coast tour last June, driving from Seattle to San Diego and back. The band rented a U-Haul trailer to transport their instruments and drove Post’s champagne- colored Jeep Cherokee. There were a few bumps along the way: By the time they got to Oregon, they no-ticed that the tread on one of the tires of the trailer was peeling off. And Herzer almost drowned in the ocean at Venice Beach, California, after “apparently swimming in a riptide.”

Dreams of Grammies and world tours are far off for Aurora, but they are planning to record again soon and, until then, get some songwriting done. That, and pass all of their midterms. Just normal rock-star stuff.

Listen to Aurora at

By Allie Fraley ’08, Photos By Nick Onken
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