My World: Rachel Hammers Now

Rachel was first featured in the Summer 2006 edition of etc. Here's what she's up to now. Look below for the original interview.


Rachel Hammers (formerly “Ellis”) teaches “the science department” at Rabouin High School in New Orleans, Louisiana, covering physical science and biology because there literally isn’t anyone else to teach them.

The 2005 impact of Hurricane Katrina on New Orleans affected everything — even education, as Rachel has witnessed. “Katrina messed up everyone’s schedules … It was a traumatic event, and they still haven’t recovered.”

Although she’s currently making her mark on the New Orleans community, Rachel will be heading to the Midwest later this year. She received a full-ride scholarship to the Mayo Clinic for 2009. “My mom got so emotional about it … I heard the Lord saying, ‘I do have a plan for you.’”


Rachel Hammers: Then

She’s a biochemistry major who plans to apply to medical school, but don’t think you can put her into a box. She’s also gone bungee jumping, was a finalist in this year’s Falcon Idol competition, and runs half-marathons. Meet Rachel Ellis.

Rachel says her curly hair describes who she is: bouncy, unpredictable, stubborn, and independent. The girl barely sleeps. You’ll find her working as a barista at the on-campus Starbucks five days a week, if you can get up before 9 a.m. that is.

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