Frequently Asked Questions

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What does diversity, equity, and inclusion mean for SPU?

Diversity considers how various demographic groups are represented in the community. Inclusion focuses on how members of various groups are experiencing life on campus. Equity's aim is the alleviation of historical disparities.

At SPU, we recognize diversity as a basic feature of God’s creation and core theme of the gospel, where we see the power of God’s redemptive love at work to bring unity to God's people. At the heart of SPU’s mission-centered focus on equity and inclusion is a belief in the equal dignity of all human beings as bearers of God’s image. However, because of our human failings, we don’t always act in a manner that honors the Imago Dei, nor do we fully accomplish the will of God for unity. The Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion exists as a way to provide a more intentional leadership focus for the work of diversity as part of our desire to embody the outcome of Christ’s reconciling work on the cross.

How diverse is the SPU student body?

For the most recent information about undergraduate students, visit the undergraduate student profile 2019–20. If you have questions about diversity among graduate students, visit the graduate student profile 2019–20.

Does SPU have diversity-related programs, activities, and clubs for students?

Yes! Seattle Pacific offers many opportunities for students to engage and find support on campus. Whether you’re considering attending SPU or you’re a current student, we invite you to explore these resources and programs.

How can I schedule a diversity workshop for my office or academic department?

The ODEI conducts diversity workshops throughout the year in partnership with Human Resources. To learn more about upcoming workshops, please log into Skillsoft and click “Instructor Led Training” on the left side of your dashboard. To request a diversity-related workshop for your office or academic department on a topic not available through the Human Resources workshop series, schedule an ODEI consultation.

Where can I find University policies related to diversity, equity, and inclusion?

SPU is committed to maintaining an environment free of bias related incidents, sexual misconduct, and unlawful discrimination and harassment. Both the SPU employee handbook and student handbook contain policies and procedures intended to equitably address these types of incidents on campus.