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Staff Recognition

SPU staff members of the month are nominated by their peers and selected by Staff Council. If you would like to nominate a person for this recognition, proceed to the nomination page.

Meet the SPU Staff Members of the Month for January/February 2015

Dale Kegley and Alison Estep

Dale, Art Director & Interim Co-Director, Univ. Comm. and
Alison, Assistant Director of University Communications

Where did you grow up?
Dale: I grew up in Walla Walla, Washington.
Alison: I grew up in New Jersey and Michigan. If you want to see me point out my Michigan hometown using my hand as a mitten (you Michiganders out there will understand), just ask. Seattle had been home for me since the mid-1980s.

How about your educational and professional careers?
Dale: I got my bachelor’s degree in economics from Central Washington University. After working at Merrill Lynch for two years as a Commodity Broker, I returned to school to get my bachelor’s degree in graphic design from Central Washington University and my master’s degree from Central Washington University. I started at SPU in 1983 and have been here ever since!
Alison: I studied English at University of Michigan. When I moved to Seattle I worked for a trade magazine and then stumbled into public relations. I’ve worked in communications at a few places, including a hospital, a health insurance company, and a commercial real estate company. I had my own PR firm for several years and also spent some time at an advertising and public relations agency.

What brought you to SPU?
Dale: I applied for and received a graphic design position here at SPU 33 years ago. The best part of my job now is being able to be creative.
Alison: I played in the SPU orchestra for many years as a community member. But all I knew about the University at that point was Beegle Hall, where we rehearsed. I learned about a job opening in UC through a former colleague who works at SPU.

What was a challenge in the last year?
Dale: One challenge of the last year was grappling with the loss of our longtime colleague and friend, Jennifer Gilnett.
Alison: We’ve had an extraordinarily difficult year, first managing communications around the June 5 shooting and then unexpectedly losing Jennifer Gilnett–– director, mentor, and friend. With support from SPU leadership and so many faithful prayers, God has sustained and helped heal our office –– and me.

What are you looking forward to?
Dale: I am looking forward to working together as a staff on some very exciting new branding campaigns for SPU.
Alison: New and creative projects telling our SPU story.

What is the best part of your job?
Alison: My office is incredible: supportive, creative, energetic, and skilled. I am challenged and encouraged every day.

What is your favorite thing to do when you’re not at work?
Dale: My hobbies include traveling, swimming, and hanging out with my adult children.
Alison: My oldest son is a sophomore at SPU studying mechanical engineering and my daughter is a junior in high school. She knows she can go anywhere to college as long as it’s SPU. I am active in my church in West Seattle, help with worship, community meals, and church music.

Tell us about you — your family, church, etc.
Dale: I live in Magnolia and am a member of Bethany Presbyterian Church. I have three children, all of whom have attended SPU, including one current student.

What is one interesting thing that few people know about you?
Dale: People may not know that I will be attending the 2015 Nationwide U.S. Masters Swimming Spring National Championship in San Antonio, Texas.

Please join Staff Council in congratulating Dale Kegley and Alison Estep as Staff of the Month!