2020 Engagement Webinar Series

During Autumn Quarter 2020, Provost Laura Hartley hosted this webinar series to answer questions from SPU families about their students’ support, academics, and opportunities at Seattle Pacific University.

Part 1: A Start Like No Other 


Recorded Sept. 17, 2020. 

In Part I of the Engagement Series, Provost Laura Hartley and other key University leaders answered questions about what students can hope to experience at SPU during the 2020–21 academic year.

Part 2: Student Support and Academic Success

Recorded Oct. 1, 2020.

In Part 2 of the Engagement Series, Provost Laura Hartley, and leaders from the Center for Learning, the Student Counseling Center, and Student Academic Services helped families gain insight into how students access SPU’s network of support resources. 

Part 3: Autumn Quarter Midpoint Check-in 

Recorded Oct. 13, 2020.

In Part 3 of this series, Provost Laura Hartley and an exceptional panel of SPU faculty discussed their observations of Autumn Quarter 2020, including how the term was going and how families could support their students as they prepared for midterms, finals, and Winter Quarter.

Part 4: Beyond Fall 

Recorded Oct. 29, 2020.

In part 4 of this Engagement webinar series, Provost Laura Hartley was joined by leaders from Residence Life, the John Perkins Center, Center for Applied Learning, Global Engagement, and the Center for Career and Calling to discuss and answer questions about students’ opportunities at SPU for faith formation, community engagement, and internships, mentoring, and student leadership.