Our Retiring Faculty 2023

Daniel Bishop

Daniel has provided 21 years of faithful service teaching and providing leadership as an assistant professor of education at Seattle Pacific University. Daniel shared his valuable expertise from his K–12 experiences as a classroom teacher and principal with faculty and students.

He served as chair of Teaching, Learning, and Leadership in the School of Education, helping to prepare current teachers for leadership roles with their schools. He served as assistant dean, overseeing Teacher Education and Professional Education for the School of Education, and directed the Center for Professional Education.

Daniel has always sought collaboration with colleagues as part of his commitment to building and living in a community within and without the School of Education.

Sandra Hartje

Sandra has provided 34 years of extraordinary service as professor and director of Family and Consumer Sciences, chair of the Interior Design program, and interim co-dean and associate dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. Her time and talents have been dedicated to numerous leadership roles and cross-campus committees and task forces. She contributed to the body of knowledge in interior design, housing, and Family and Consumer Sciences through numerous refereed journal articles, book chapters, and professional presentations.

She was recognized as the Patricia M. Bentz Teacher of the Year and was nominated for the U.S. Professor of the Year Award by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching.

Her deep and steadfast Christian faith has been exemplified through her relationships with her colleagues, students, and alumni, and much more. She has established herself as a knowledgeable, skilled, and influential instructor, a phenomenal department director and program chair, an impactful dean, a highly valued colleague, and a gracious friend.

Steven Johnson

Steven has been instrumental in the education and formation of dozens of mathematics majors during his 41 committed years of service at Seattle Pacific University. He has mentored and guided both students and colleagues, blessing them with his mathematical knowledge and lifelong wisdom. He has mentored numerous mathematics major research projects covering a wide variety of topics, teaching nearly every course the Mathematics Department has offered over the years.

Aside from academics, he has also offered his gifts and skills to his church community through playing bass and guitar and often running the sound system, as well as serving as a member and treasurer of Columbia Lutheran Ministries Board of Directors.

He has modeled grace, love, and compassion in his countless personal and email interactions with both students and colleagues, serving as the hands and feet of Jesus. His consistent and profound Christian faith is displayed in his leadership and service to his family, to his friends, to his church, to his department, and to the University.

Richard Steele

Rick has served the students and faculty as an unofficial but devoted pastor-in-residence who has counseled, advised, cared for, prayed with, listened to, laughed with, and preached into the beloved lives of a vast number of students, faculty, and staff during his 28-year tenure. With charm and grace, he has served as faculty chair, chair of the Department of Theology, co-dean of the School of Theology, and associate dean for graduate studies in the School of Theology.

He has been an exemplary teacher whose carefully designed courses and caring classroom manner have been nationally recognized by the Wabash Center and by SPU students, who chose him as their Professor of the Year in 2002. His books, along with his over 100 publications in journals and blogs, cover a variety of topics, attesting not only to his theological depth and breadth, but also to his vocation as a scholar with a deep affection for Christ and all his church.

He has been a champion of our students and their needs, always attending to them first and foremost as beloved of God and willing to go the second mile on their behalf.

Gerhard Steinke

Gerhard Steinke

Gerhard has provided 31 years of exemplary service in the academy, industry, and government as professor of management and information systems. He has been instrumental in deepening and sharpening the School of Business, Government, and Economics’ Information Systems graduate program and serving its students. He has over 20 peer-reviewed publications and over 60 invited and peer-reviewed conference presentations and papers.

He has been awarded a summer Boeing Faculty Fellowship and externships with Microsoft and AT&T Wireless security department and has engaged with the Washington State Department of Financial Institutions’ audits of financial institutions’ information security programs. Gerhard has taught and supported information systems management programs around the world as a visiting scholar, including InfoTech in Mexico, Duy Tan University in Vietnam, and Emmanuel University, a Christian college in Romania.

Throughout all these endeavors, Gerhard has modeled Christian virtues, generous warm-hearted hospitality, and inclusion to colleagues and students.

Cynthia Strong

Cynthia has provided 14 years of outstanding service as a librarian, teacher, advisor, colleague, mentor, and friend. She has used her highly regarded knowledge and skills as a librarian and teacher to shape, implement, evolve, and deliver the Library’s instruction program — particularly for the School of Education and the School of Business, Government, and Economics, and through the Information Studies minor.

She has contributed to student success through caring service, advocacy, collaborations with various curricular and co-curricular departments, and work on special projects. She has served professional librarianship through her scholarship, professional associations, mentoring of colleagues, and the founding of a library at Chamwino Secondary School in Tanzania.

Her record as a faculty librarian manifests a faithful commitment to SPU, the academy, and the church.

Beverly Wilson

Beverly has provided 25 years of extraordinary service as a professor in the Department of Clinical Psychology. She was an essential member of the core faculty who transformed the Clinical Psychology department from the unaccredited PsyD to a PhD program.

She has a rich history of scholarship, including 26 peer reviewed empirical publications and more than 125 conference presentations. She is a veritable fount of institutional knowledge and memory, having served the SPU community in multiple roles on campus, including on numerous search, pre-tenure, tenure, and promotion committees; the President’s Committee for the SPU Brain Center; the Graduate Programs and Evaluation Committee; the Semester Task Force Committee; and Faculty Council.

Her advisees-now-alumni are leaders in child clinical psychology, serving in hospitals, community clinics, and academic medical centers nationwide. She has been a steadfast witness of the message of Christ, and a faithful, active member of her church.

Cynthia Bishop

Cynthia’s 22 years of extraordinary service to SPU began well after she was awarded her doctor of veterinary medicine degree with distinction at Washington State University. She brought that exceptional knowledge to bear upon her years of excellent teaching and advising at both the undergraduate and the graduate levels here at SPU. She has advised countless students through their undergraduate program, including the extensive supervision of undergraduate researchers and Honors students with whom she presented her results at professional and undergraduate science symposia.

She is a noted expert on guinea pig care and breeding, also. She has served for many years as a member of the Pre-Professional Health Sciences Advisory Committee and committee lead, teaching and guest lecturing in PPHS seminar courses, guiding pre-veterinary medicine students through the application process, and seeing these students matriculate into colleges of veterinary medicine both in the U.S. and abroad.

With her knowledge, she has continued to practice veterinary medicine for many years as a skilled emergency veterinarian, performing surgeries and treating ailments in small animals. She has been a steadfast follower of Christ, is active in her church community, and has been deeply committed to lifting up her colleagues, students, and family and community members in prayer.