Kyra Skipworth


Hometown: Olympia, WA

My most impactful professor: Dr. Gritter and Dr. Jalalian-Chursky have made the biggest impact on my education and my view of myself in my time at SPU. They have modeled the exact teachers that I want to be. They have showed me teaching pedagogies that I can see myself using as well as many teaching strategies that will be so helpful in my future as a teacher. Not only that, but they have also shown me the power in relationship building with your students and showing them genuine unwavering care.

What I am most excited for: I am most excited for being able to make an impact on my students' lives in the way that my professors and teachers have done for me. I hope to inspire, challenge, and motivate my students in the way that was expected for me. I am excited to create a classroom family and really connect with my students and their families.

Advice for incoming students: My advice to incoming students is that you may not always know where you are going to end up and that is totally okay. Try new classes and really find what you are interested in and try pursuing that! I would also say to use college as a time to take risks and put yourself out there, academically and socially!

How I have grown: Through my professors and their expectations of me, I have seen such an increase in my confidence. I am doing things this year, such as student teaching and taking big risks, that I never could have imagined myself doing my first year of college. I also think that I am leaving SPU with a better understanding of who I am and the impact that I want to have on others.