Robert Chung

Robert Chung

The computer science and applied math major was part of a team that finished in the top ten in a math competition, out of 5728 submissions! He’s heading to Amazon to work as a software developer.

Hometown: Bellevue, WA

Major/Minor: Computer Science and Applied Math (double major)

Favorite/Most challenging class (and a brief explanation why): Numerical Analysis. The endless supply of challenging proofs helped me to finally realize and appreciate the beauty and genius of mathematics and mathematicians.

Favorite memory of SPU: I finished a quarter early and was in the midst of a Europe trip when suddenly I got a call from Professor Wai Lau at the London Gatwick airport. Since my capstone project was due soon and I needed to put a couple finishing touches on it, I thought he was calling to probe at that. To my surprise, it was actually about a mathematical competition that my team had participated earlier this year. The results had come out that morning--and our group was selected as one of the top seven papers! His enthusiasm heightened mine — and I burst into a roar of disbelief and excitement, at the expense of the sleeping strangers around me.

Biggest life lesson learned during college: I found that nobody really knows anything; some have more context than others (through education, experiences, etc), but everyone is attempting to understand the world and shape it into something they find more desirable.

Plans after graduation: I've accepted an offer from Amazon to work as a software developer. After a couple years, I hope to move toward startups!