Clarice Liao

Clarice Liao

Clarice was a volunteer at Swedish Hospital, and that motivated her to pursue the opportunity to become a public health dietitian. The international student is thankful for her time at SPU. “I will definitely say that I love being part of SPU community and I thank God every day for bringing me to SPU to equip me.”

Hometown/country: Taiwan

Major/Minor: Food and Nutritional Sciences with a dietetics emphasis 

Favorite/Most challenging class: Medical Nutrition Therapy is the most challenging class for me in my university time because this class incorporates and requires a solid foundation of anatomy and physiology, biochemistry, and other nutrition subjects. Even though it was a difficult subject, I enjoyed learning new things and discovered how nutrition can facilitate patient recovery and individual health at the preliminary level and proactive approaches. 

Favorite memory of SPU: I will definitely say that I love being part of the SPU community and I thank God every day for bringing me to SPU to equip me. One of the programs in the Food and Consumer Science Department really taught me how to engage in community service. The Community Kitchen program is my favorite memory of SPU. I really love how this SPU-based program connects to the local community and cultivates healthy eating habits with cooking and empowerment. 

Biggest life lesson learned during college: Being a Christian to me encapsulates having heart and ears to attentively listen to God's calling and communicate with God through daily practices of following Christian principles. As a Christian, my life is ransomed by the blood of Jesus, and I am moved by the spirit to respond to God.

Plans after graduation: I got accepted into the CUNY dietetic internship focusing on public health and policy. I am going to New York after graduation. I am so blessed that I am able to continue my journey of becoming a dietitian and I believe that without the supportive environment SPU provides and my professors, I could have never gotten this far.