Housing Sign-up FAQ

Preparing for another year in SPU housing? This list of tips will help you get ready.

How many people can be in a group?

A group can consist of one to six members, depending on the type of unit they want to reserve. A student who wants to reserve a single is considered a group of one. All members must be returning students (residents or commuters) and fill each space in the unit they are trying to reserve (e.g., a group of three will only be able to select a three-bed unit).

What kinds of units are available for sign-up?

Review this list of available units (PDF).

How are time slots assigned?

Groups are organized into categories (see below) and then randomly assigned a time slot. Time slots are assigned five minutes apart. The first time slot assigned is 3 p.m. The last time slot will depend on the number of groups. No time slot will be later than 9 p.m.

You may take as much time as you need to select a unit, but every five minutes a new group enters the portal. Time slots are deactivated at 9 a.m. the next day.

CHA: Within each unit type (two-person, three-person, etc.), groups are categorized as follows:

  • Returning to CHA (all roommates currently in CHA)
  • New to CHA (one or more roommates not currently in CHA)

Halls: Within each unit type (double, triple, etc.), groups are categorized as follows:

  • Returning to your hall (all currently in hall)
  • Leadership (Hall Council Executives and RHMCs not in the first category)
  • Changing halls (one or more roommates not currently in hall)

What happens if our group misses our time slot?

If it’s the same day, you can still log into the portal to see what options are available. Time slots are deactivated at 9 a.m. the next day.

What if I have a conflict with our group’s assigned time slot?

Your group leader is the only one who needs to be available to make a selection for your group. If you are the group leader, email housing@spu.edu from your SPU email account to switch group leader status to another person. Please do not miss class or work to sign up for housing.

Is there a benefit to verifying our group early?

No. While you want to give yourself plenty of time to verify by the deadline, verifying early does not increase your chances of an earlier time slot. You only want to verify when you have finalized the members of your group. Group members cannot change after verification without contacting Housing.

What if I select the wrong unit during the reservation process?

Once you click Reserve Beds, you will be unable to backtrack and change your selection. It is important to research your options before your time slot and choose carefully during the selection process.

What if I reserve one kind of unit and decide I want a different kind?

Please be certain of your group and unit type before you reserve a unit. Once you do, you take that unit out of selection for everyone who enters the portal after you. Regrouping or changing unit types disadvantages other students and is not permitted.

If you have an exceptional situation, email housing@spu.edu. Requests will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis only after housing sign-up ends.

How do I sign up for a meal plan?

Meal plan selections are made in the portal. If you’re on the Assign Me to a Unit track, the meal plan options page will be available after you receive your assignment. If you’re on the Select a Unit track, the page will be available after your group leader selects your unit. See spu.edu/mealoptions for plan details.

Do I have to be 20 years old to live in CHA?

CHA is considered on-campus housing, so you only need to be a returning student (resident or commuter). You do need to be 20, however, to live off campus in housing not owned by SPU.

What if my roommate is on a study abroad program Spring Quarter?

Just give them your group name and password, and they will be able to join your group remotely!

What if I want to live with someone who will be gone Autumn Quarter?

Due to demand, we cannot hold beds open. However, you can try to find another student who will be a resident Autumn Quarter only, in whose space your friend can return Winter Quarter.

What if I need to withdraw after our group has reserved a space?

Email housing@spu.edu from your SPU email account. Cancellations result in the forfeiture of your $300 housing deposit (paid when you first applied for housing).

If my roommate cancels, can I find someone to take their place?

Contact Housing and Meal Plan Services at housing@spu.edu to make this request. Our ability to accommodate it will depend on whether we have another student already slated to fill the space. Therefore, it’s helpful to make your request at the same time your roommate submits his or her cancellation.

How do I sign up for housing without a roommate?

If you prefer that Housing match you with a roommate, complete your application and select the Assign Me to a Unit track. If you apply by June 1, you will be matched with other returning and incoming students and notified of your assignment on July 15. If you would like to try to find a roommate on your own, a list of students looking for roommates is available in Housing Services.

What if I want to live with a new student?

Follow the Assign Me to a Unit track and email housing@spu.edu with the name of your desired roommate. Since the new student is a new student, you will not be able to select him or her in the mutual roommate step.

What if we’re a group of three and want a four-person unit?

You have two options:

  • Option 1: Find a fourth person to select a four-person unit during the selection process, a list of students looking for roommates is available in Housing Services).
  • Option 2: Follow the Assign Me to a Unit track, request your other two roommates, and we will do our best to assign you together with a fourth student during the summer assignment process (dependent on availability).

Where can I find housing and meal plan rates for next year?

View 2017–18 quarterly room and meal plan rates, or visit Student Financial Services to see the annual costs.

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Questions about housing or meal plans?

Send questions or comments to housing@spu.edu or call 206-281-2188.