Reader Responses

Good readers play a movie in their mind as they read well-told stories. They leave that book filled with emotions and new thoughts. We would like to know your experiences as you read When the Emperor Was Divine.
Children raise the American flag in an internment camp

Here are some big questions to ponder:

  • What images linger in your mind after reading the book?
  • What was your mood as you finished the book?
  • What connections did you make?
  • What characters and passages especially stood out? Why are the protagonists nameless?
  • Are you spurred to action for events happening in the here and now?
  • How do you think the long-term trauma of the Japanese internment will affect the family?
  • How are you changed after reading the book?

Reader forum

Let’s compare and contrast our responses to this book. Share your thoughts about When the Emperor Was Divine here.