Serving Others

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Latreia hosts student learning and service events with World Relief

Connecting SPU’s students with local service opportunities, Latreia partnered with World Relief for a Teach-In and Coloring Night event in October, which examined the realities of immigrants living in detention centers. An in-person service event was held in January at World Relief’s Community Garden in Kent. On-campus students helped World Relief create kitchen kits for newly arriving refugee families in February. Latreia is facilitated by student leaders under the mentorship of John Perkins Center staff and partnered with the Associated Students of Seattle Pacific.

Urban Involvement links students to volunteer opportunities

Under the auspices of the John Perkins Center, Urban Involvement connected student leaders to serve meals weekly at Pike Place Community Dinners and Emerald City Commons, and for a one-time clothing distribution with Bridge Care Center. Students provided virtual one-on-one academic support for students at Neighborhood House and Empowering Youth & Families Outreach. Other opportunities for leadership occurred at WA-BLOC, a nonprofit addressing racism through academic and social justice programs.

Professor Munyi Shea combats discrimination

The School of Education’s Munyi Shea, associate professor of counselor education and an author of the Asian American Psychological Association Bullying Awareness Campaign, collaborated with the American Psychological Association Anti- Asian Discrimination Task Force. Together, they published a set of public service announcements, including infographics and short films, for APIDA (Asian Pacific Islander Desi Americans) coping with COVID-19-related discrimination. Asian Americans continue to be blamed for the pandemic, and a July 2020 report from the Pew Research Center found that, since the coronavirus outbreak, Asian and Black Americans are more likely than other groups to report negative experiences because of their race or ethnicity.

Local veterans thanked

SPU students, faculty, and staff celebrated Veterans Day by writing postcards of thanks and appreciation for the military service of the 300 veterans at the Port Orchard Veterans Home and Transitional Housing facility.