About the College of Arts and Sciences

About CAS

The depth of the College of Arts and Sciences’ curricula together with the breadth of its General Education program, provide a gateway to countless vocations. Graduates from our program are critical thinkers, effective communicators, creators of beauty, and culturally competent individuals.

The College of Arts and Sciences at Seattle Pacific traces its roots to 1980, when Vice President of Academic Affairs David Dickerson created the Dean of Arts and Sciences position. Now the College is the largest academic unit on campus and includes two divisions, each with its own dean.

Division of Arts and Humanities

Dean: Debra Sequeira, Professor of Communication
Majors: 24
Minors: 21
Graduate Programs: 1

Division of STEM and Social Sciences

Deans: Sandra Hartje, Professor of Family and Consumer Sciences, and Derek Wood, Professor of Biology
Majors: 30
Minors: 16


Did You Know?

As of 2013, the College of Arts and Sciences includes 108 teaching faculty members.