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Jaeil Lee

Professor of Apparel Design and Merchandising; Chair of Apparel Design and Merchandising

Email: leej@spu.edu
Phone: 206-281-2196
Office: Peterson Hall 209

Education: BS, Chungnam National University, 1992; MS, Chungnam National University, 1994; MS, Ohio State University, 1998; PhD, Ohio State University, 2000. At SPU since 2001.

Dr. Jaeil Lee is a professor and Chair of Apparel Design and Merchandising Program at Seattle Pacific University. She has extensive teaching and industry experience in apparel merchandising and apparel product development. Her experience includes teaching and research positions in universities internationally. Seoul National University in Korea, Mongolia International University in Mongolia, and Jian Quiao University in China are among many.  Her industry experiences in the global fashion industry include technical designing position at Abercrombie and Fitch, one of the top clothing retailers in the nation, and consultant position at LG Fashion in Korea.

She received her PhD in Clothing and Textiles from Ohio State University and got her masters from Ohio State University and Chungnam National University in Korea.    

She teaches various courses in Apparel Design and Apparel Merchandising. Her research interests are apparel product development and technical design, creative teaching and curriculum development, global apparel merchandising, and social entrepreneurship.

Dr. Lee has authored several books.  Technical Sourcebook for Designers, is the leading college textbook in apparel product design and development in the world. This book has been widely adopted by universities globally. Dr. Lee also translated the book into Korean, ‘의류디자이너를 위한 테크니컬 디자인 지침서’ and the book’s Chinese translation is scheduled to be released soon in China.

Dr. Lee has served as a reviewer on several editorial boards, including the Clothing and Textiles Research Journal and Fashion and Textiles Research Journal. She has presented and published her research in the United States and abroad. She published her research in Family and Consumer Sciences Journal, Clothing and Textiles Research Journal, Journal of Global Fashion Marketing, Korean Clothing and Textiles Research Journal, and many more. Dr. Lee maintains her active membership with several professional organizations including International Textiles and Apparel Association.

Dr. Lee has a passion for helping young people to find their God-given vision. She is a motivational speaker and best-selling author in her native country, Korea. Her autobiography in Korean, I Design Dreams Everyday, became a best-selling Christian book in Korea in 2006.

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Selected publications

Books authored

Lee, J. & Steen, C. (2019). Technical Sourcebook for Designers (Lee, J. & Cho, E., Korean Trans.), (2nd ed.). Seoul: Sigma Press. (ISBN: 979-11-62261-52-1).
Lee, J. & Steen, C. (2019). Technical Sourcebook for Designers (Donghua University Press, Chinese Trans.), (2nd ed). Shanghai: Donghua University Press. (ISBN: 978-7-5669-1527-6).
Lee, J. & Steen, C. (2019). Technical Sourcebook for Designers (3rd Ed.). NY: New York, Fairchild Books. PB:(ISBN:978-1-5013-2840-4). ePDF:(ISBN: 978-1-5013-2841-1).
Lee, J. & Steen, C. (2014). Technical Sourcebook for Designers (2nd Ed.). NY: New York, Fairchild Books. (ISBN: 978-1-60901-856-6).
Lee, J. & Steen, C. (2012). Technical Sourcebook for Designers (Lee, J. & Cho, E., Korean Trans.), (1st ed.). Seoul: Sigma Press. (ISBN: 978-89-97927-17-3).
Lee, J. (2012). Why?  Series -Clothing and Fashion (Reviewed). Seoul: Yerim Publication. (ISBN : 978-89-302-3143-5).
*Why Series is #1 best-selling educational book series on various subjects for elementary school students in Korea. The book series was also translated into various languages and having sold over 40 million copies world wide (September 2011 record).
Lee, J. & Steen, C. (2010). Technical Sourcebook for Designers. NY: New York, Fairchild Books. (ISBN: 978-1-56367-586-7).
Lee, J. (2005). I design dreams everyday. Seoul: Togijangi Publishing House. (ISBN: 89-7782-101-0).
*Autobiography published in Korea, listed as one of the best-sellers in the Christian Korean book market in 2006.

Journal articles

Lee, J., Cho, E, & Kim, E. (2017).  Exploration of Textile and Apparel Curriculum in Mongolia from the Academia and Industry Perspectives, Family & Consumer Sciences Research Journal, 45(4), 345-362

Salusso, C., Lee, J., Lee, Y. & Lin, J. (2016). The Perceptions of Apparel Design and Merchandising Students on Creativity and Apparel Design Copyright, International Journal of Costume and Fashion, 16(1), 1–16. 

Choi, M. & Lee, J. (2016). Cross-cultural comparison of plus size women’s perception on apparel selection. Journal of the Korean Society Clothing and Textiles, 40(4), 615–630. 

Lee, J. & Lee, Y. (2015). Acculturation for fashion consumer behavior: A case of Korean-American families, Journal of Global Fashion Marketing, 6 (4), 278–291.

Lee, J. & Lee, Y. (2013). A cultural comparison of sex role identity and attitude toward grooming and recreational apparel shopping behavior among male consumers, Fashion and Textile Research Journal, 15(4), 565–573.  

Lee, J., Lee, Y, & Ulasewicz, C. (2011). International and Beyond: Reflecting on the identity of International Textile and Apparel Association. Clothing and Textiles Research Journal, 29 (2), 165–182.

Why I Teach at SPU

Jaeil Lee, Professor and Chair of Apparel Design and Merchandising

“SPU is the place educating future leaders of the global fashion industry. I want my SPU students to be the leaders of the industry, not the followers. Leaders influence many people and can, by their decisions, have a positive impact on many people's lives and make the world a better place.”